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Achieve optimal patient access

Tailored solutions for early planning in market access

Integrated planning and comprehensive advice

Optimal patient access can be achieved through an integrated early evidence strategy that anticipates and navigates complex market access requirements from pre-clinical development and beyond.

PRMA Consulting can help you develop this with our early access services.

Innovative, interactive Digital applications supporting you every step of the way

Our user friendly software and expert team have informed the early stage development of many products around the world.

Centralize and streamline your early planning for market access with the complete digital solution from PRMA Consulting.

Early evidence planning

To understand global and country specific payer requirements from as early as pre-clinical, Phase 1 or Phase 2 development, PRMA Consulting offers a range of early access services:

• Market landscape assessment • Trial design and endpoints • Target product profile development and testing • Stakeholder mapping • Policy analysis • Qualitative and semi-qualitative interviews, surveys, panels, and workshops with payers, clinicians and patients • Competitor analysis • Precedent analysis • Health technology assessment (HTA requirements and readiness via insights, PRMA Tracker and PRMA Healthcheck) • Health economic and evidence initial gap analysis • Conceptual/early economic modelling • Pricing potential • Real-world evidence strategy • Disease area and market access raining and materials • Evidence generation plans • Early value proposition development • Early dossier development

Early HTA advice / parallel consultation

Seeking formal advice from a single or multiple HTA bodies needs careful consideration and planning. While this can be a valuable process to align the clinical development and generate evidence acceptable to regulators and payers, the resource and time requirements as well as the potential risks need to be considered carefully and alternative approaches should also be explored. Through our network of clinical and payer advisors the dedicated International Expert Group at PRMA Consulting can help you obtain informal advice at a very early stage allowing you to identify and address any areas of potential uncertainty. This informal input can also serve as a pre-cursor for seeking formal advice, helping you define the most important questions and develop appropriate rationales.

Before seeking formal advice, we like to work with our clients as early as possible to develop an early value proposition and prepare an early economic and evidence generation strategy. We can also support you through the formal process via mock presentation, tele-conferences, meetings, questions and rationale development, briefing book preparation and responses. We can then work with you to align the advice with your clinical development priorities and refine your market access strategy accordingly.

Patient engagement and insight

There are various opportunities to engage patients and their representatives throughout the early development process. These include raising awareness of the disease and unmet needs, disease area education, gaining their input for clinical trial development or involving them in accelerated assessments, HTA/scientific advice, HTA processes and evidence generation activities. The team at PRMA Consulting combines in-depth patient insight, patient advocacy engagement, external affairs and policy experience with early scientific advice, HTA, real world evidence and market access consultancy. This expertise allows us to support your internal teams to develop an integrated early patient engagement strategy and resulting outputs that can help you achieve optimal patient access.

PRMA Early Healthcheck®

An ideal user-friendly tool to align clinical development, market access and HEOR requirements for products in early development

  • Provides a systematic and consistent framework for uncovering the market access potential of your product
  • Enables early stage cross-functional decision making and communication
  • Helps reduce the uncertainty and business risks associated with early development, by anticipating challenges and identifying opportunities
  • Develops an institutional memory and history decision-making

PRMA Healthcheck®

The PRMA early Healthcheck® is an ideal tool to align clinical development, market access and HEOR requirements for products in early development. This user-friendly interactive platform can be used to provide input to go/no-go decisions, facilitate cross-functional discussions, and ensure local knowledge is reflected in global development.

A cross-functional assessment of market access risks is conducted at various stages of development to generate heat maps. In addition a roadmap allows team members to track evidence generation activities and responsibilities as the product moves through decision portals. The outputs of the PRMA early Healthcheck® can also help identify any real world evidence requirements and form the basis of the real world evidence strategy for the product. As part of our service offerings PRMA Consulting can also assist you in the generation and validation of the supporting evidence.

If your product is in late-stage development then a version of PRMA Healthcheck® has been specifically configured to conduct a more in-depth analysis. This is typically undertaken to validate an existing evidence generation plan and/or highlight HTA readiness and market access risks. For more information go to

PRMA Navigator®

Maximizes the value of market access/HEOR activities such as the value dossier, value message testing, and market-specific refinements.

  • Management of multiple work streams
  • Coordinates cross-functional communication

PRMA Navigator®

Whether you are part of a large multinational corporation or an emerging biotech bringing one of your first products to market, developing HTA submissions is a huge task. Even when development is outsourced to an agency, keeping track of multiple work streams is difficult.

PRMA Navigator helps with cross-functional communication and maximizes the value of market access/HEOR activities such as the value dossier, economic models, value message testing, and market-specific refinements. For further information go to

PRMA Tracker®

Provides you with the latest regulatory, HTA, and pricing decisions in your therapy area.

  • Updates on rapidly evolving treatment landscapes
  • Insights into payer thinking
  • Supports a deep understating of pricing and reimbursement decisions
  • Informs investment choices and strategic trade-offs
  • Demonstrates the external perception of value and pricing potential
  • Visual summaries
  • PC and mobile capabilities

PRMA Tracker®

Keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving treatment landscape and payer thinking is a challenge for every company. A deep understanding of P&R decisions and how these perspectives are evolving is critical for investment decisions and strategic trade-offs relating to trial design, evidence generation, choice of comparator, as well as how these choices influence the external perception of value and pricing potential.

The PRMA Tracker® can be customised to your needs, providing the latest regulatory, HTA, and pricing decisions in your therapy area giving you visual summaries. Our actionable strategic insights inform your trial, evidence and market access strategy. For further information go to
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