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The Fierce Innovation Report featuring the PRMA Navigator® digital application: driving high-quality, simultaneous HTA submissions

Led by the publisher of FierceBiotech and FiercePharma, the Fierce Innovation Report for Life Sciences identifies outstanding innovation that is driving improvements and transforming our industry.

The latest innovative technologies that make the greatest impact for biotech and pharma companies are internationally recognized with in the report. We are pleased to announce that the PRMA Navigator® features among the leading technology innovations that are better serving and shaping the industry.


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On reading the report, Aaron Grandy, Digital Product Owner at PRMA Consulting, said:

“Innovation is a key driver within the Life Sciences industry, and the Fierce Innovation Report recognizes the companies that are accelerating change for the benefit of patients and healthcare. Featuring within the report is testament to the role of the PRMA Navigator® in advancing change.”

“Within the rapidly evolving market access landscape, we are seeing a growth in the use of our digital solutions.”

“Right now, there is an unprecedented uptake in our end-to-end suite of digital applications. We are regularly partnering with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from pre-clinical Phase to submission. Our transformative cloud computing is supporting their competitive advantage, and it’s a very exciting time for us and the profession.”

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The PRMA Navigator®: driving high-quality, simultaneous HTA submissions

The PRMA Navigator® is a is a digital application that improves the quality of multiple health technology assessment (HTA) submissions and shortens the time to market access. It offers manufacturers:

Competitive advantage

The PRMA Navigator® delivers a genuine competitive advantage that better enables HTA submission processes.

Operational efficiencies

The PRMA Navigator® enables greatly enhanced internal and external cost savings and streamlines workflows to provide new operational efficiencies.

Technical innovation

The PRMA Navigator® is technologically ahead of the curve. It solves challenges experienced by biotech and companies with a new, game changing way of managing simultaneous HTA submission processes.

Global effectiveness

The PRMA Navigator® delivers what it promises. Data and feedback from client case studies demonstrates the value of the digital application across global, local, and affiliate teams.

“Using the PRMA Navigator® means that affiliates can focus more on strategy and improving the submission, as they have a good first draft of their submission to start with.”

Market Access Manager, top-10 pharmaceutical company
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“The biggest gain with the PRMA Navigator® is the time it saves us. It eliminates the initial collation and review of input from across the organization, as the first draft of the HTA submission in the PRMA Navigator® contains the relevant information. This means that we are able to focus our resources on the local strategy, evidence package, and value story.”

Market Access Manager, top-5 pharmaceutical company
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