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Protecting your market access data. 10 questions to ask your suppliers

Darren McBride is Chief Technology Officer at PRMA Consulting

Suppliers who provide you with software-as-a-service (SaaS) need to gather, analyze, and transfer market access data on your behalf. You may send data to them, or upload directly to their application.

To avoid business risks, it is essential to understand how the supplier manages your data, and how they are protected, handled, stored, and retained in line with your own company’s standards and country legislation.

As an international consultancy providing transformative digital solutions for market access, we are happy to answer client’s questions about our own information security procedures.

If you are starting similar conversations with your own suppliers, it may help to ask them the 10 most frequently asked questions that we hear:

Access control

1.What measures do you have in place that ensure authorized persons only have access to data pertinent to their role?

2.How are requests for data access by country authorities managed?

Data handling

3.How do you check the authorized reading, copying, or modification of data during use or storage?

4.Could I see a copy of your data classification scheme?

Data storage

5.What controls are in place to sustain the availability of data and prevent accidental loss?

6.How are the risks of malicious hacking attempts mitigated?

Transfer of data

7.How are sensitive data transferred?

8.What international standards do you adhere to when transferring data?

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"ISO27001 certification reinforces our clients’ confidence in our cloud services, information governance, and data protection, which provide secure storage and access to assets through a world-class user experience."

Data retention and destruction

9.What is the usual period of time that data are retained for?

10.How do you ensure the non-retrieval of data after project completion?

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