Building a healthier Asia: empowering more equitable access to healthcare innovation

Key takeaways from Zuellig Pharma’s 2nd Healthcare Access Summit 

PRMA Consulting, part of Fishawack Health, was proud to be the Knowledge Partner for Zuellig Pharma’s 2nd Healthcare Access Summit on ‘Building a Healthier Asia: empowering more equitable access to healthcare innovation’. 
Download this free report from the summit to learn what our diverse group of experts had to say on key access topics relating to strategic partnerships, trust, digital health, supply chain, and healthcare financing to improve patient access to healthcare innovations. 
Key insights include: 

  • Best care anywhere: Achieving access for all to healthcare innovation in a complex region 

  • Partnering for health: Building strategic partnerships to achieve the goals for access and equity

  • Trust your doctor? Securing trust in the healthcare system: how does this help drive access and equity? 

  • Health in your pocket: Leveraging digital solutions to empower community-centered and patient-centric care models 

  • The last mile to healthcare: Reimagining strategic supply chains to ensure equitable supply across and within markets 

  • Moving from “Wealth = Health” to “Health = Wealth”: Building value-based healthcare financing models that deliver equitable access

  • Supporting your Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence in the Asia-Pacific region 

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Building a healthier Asia

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