Maximizing the value of your asset by leveraging real-world evidence 

In modern clinical research, data are key to the successful development and access of new drugs, and can help expedite the availability of effective treatments. Manufacturers that develop novel targeted therapies, especially in the rare disease space, can face challenges with funding and approval where data are perceived to be lacking. 

This free article explains how manufacturers can use real-world evidence (RWE) strategies to better leverage data on the effectiveness and safety of novel therapies over time, and develop iterative evidence generation strategies to meet payer requirements.

Download the article now to discover: 

  • why global regulatory authorities are placing increasing importance on RWE 
  • how manufacturers can leverage RWE to highlight the value of high-cost and low-volume therapies and highly targeted novel therapeutic approaches such as CAR-Ts 
  • why engagement with healthcare professionals is crucial for generating RWE, and some recommendations for effective partnerships. 

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Maximizing the value of your asset by leveraging real-world evidence

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