Preparing for ICER assessments: key recommendations for manufacturers

In this free market access whitepaper, Nicole Lodowski, Senior Director and PRMA US Practice Lead, explains how pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers can prepare for the ICER assessment process.

Cost constraints and value-based decisions are becoming key priorities in the US healthcare system. Within this space, manufacturers bringing products to market are finding that is vital to anticipate and plan for value discussions at every stage of the development process.

As an independent healthcare research organization, ICER evaluates the clinical and economic value of prescription drugs, diagnostic tests, and other innovations. Now more than ever, manufacturers should create a strategy and proactively plan for ICER assessments, even before any formal topic announcement.

This free market access whitepaper discusses:

  • 6 recommendations that will help you ensure your organization has a robust ICER strategy in place.
  • Why it is important to engage with ICER throughout the review process to drive the best possible outcomes.
  • How engagement in the ICER process helps prepare manufacturers to address cost-effectiveness concerns and discussions.

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Preparing for ICER assessments

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