PRMA Consulting Expert Advisory Group on Complex Pricing (EAGCP): Focus on gene therapies

A recent meeting of complex pricing experts focused on the challenges and solutions for pricing and reimbursement in the area of innovative cell and gene therapy products. The bespoke group shared knowledge from a range of countries and different roles within healthcare systems, to bring a practical and pragmatic approach to issues related to pricing.

Here are our highlights from the meeting:

  • With the launch of products such as Strimvelis, Kymriah, Yescarta, and
    Luxturna, gene therapies are rapidly becoming a reality for payers rather than a future concern.
  • The introduction of gene therapies presents particular challenges for pricing and reimbursement due to:
    • the high overall costs in a “single shot” of treatment, combined with uncertainty over long-term outcomes
    • concerns around the level of future demand for gene therapies and the sustainability issues this may present for health systems.

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