What US market access professionals need to know about pre-approval information exchange

Written by Nicole Lodowski

As payers’ evidence needs continue to evolve and formulary and budgetary decision-making becomes more complex, manufacturers have a prime opportunity to create added value by engaging with payer customers earlier and more often through pre-approval information exchange (PIE) programs. 

This free article discusses: 

  • why, historically, manufacturers have been limited in what information they were permitted to share with payers and similar entities prior to FDA approval of a drug

  • how legislation and FDA guidance has now created useful communication pathways and safe harbor for manufacturers to share much-needed pre-approval product information with payers

  • the opportunities for payers to gain valuable insights about new products and therapy areas well in advance of FDA approval and make earlier and more informed coverage and reimbursement decisions. 

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What you need to know about pre-approval information exchange: lessons learned

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