2023 Avalere Healthcare Industry Outlook Webinar: Gain Clarity 

Date: Wednesday 18 January 2023 

Time: 1-2 pm ET (GMT+5)

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes landmark health policies that will affect your business while you also navigate changes in evidence requirements, the 340B program, the end of the public health emergency, and more. Now is the time to gain clarity on your organization’s approach. 

Join this new webinar to hear from Avalere Health experts on the operational, clinical, and economic impacts the IRA and other changes will have on your business and how to mitigate disruption and advance your organization. 

This webinar is essential viewing for healthcare stakeholders in life sciences companies to hear from experts on the healthcare challenges and opportunities in the year ahead. 

Avalere is part of Fishawack Health’s Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence capability. Together with our colleagues in PAI, PRMA Consulting, and Skysis, we provide a best-in-class integrated offering from early pipeline to patient access. 

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