3 reasons to pursue a career in market access consultancy

There’s no doubt that a career in market access at PRMA Consulting offers great personal reward and a pathway for progression.

Ask any professional in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries, and they will tell you that the sector is constantly looking to the future. If you’re keen to help manufacturers give patients faster access to new therapies, develop your skills, and keep up with an ever-changing world of drug development, then you may want to consider a position with us.

If you are wondering whether or not a career in market access consulting is the right choice for you, some of our consultants have shared their own reasons for pursuing a career in this field.


Louise Maddison, Consultant

Helping to bring life-changing treatments to market is particularly rewarding

Working in market access allows me to be involved in what is a complex clinical development process from the early stages right through to after the product has launched. It also provides plenty of opportunities to improve patient access to treatments and diagnostics. On a personal level, this is particularly rewarding when I get the chance to work on projects that improve access to treatments for cancer and rare diseases.


It is exciting to be challenged in a rapidly changing industry

It is very exciting to work on novel therapies as you get to learn about the latest medical research on a scientific level, and you also get to see the marketing and commercial side, too – you are able to see the strategy and tactics involved in positioning a new medicine and the various elements that need to be considered when bringing products to market.


I love that market access offers such a range of projects in a breadth of therapy areas

I love being able to work across so many different types of projects, from the more strategic issues involved in the launch of a new cancer indication for a drug, to the value benefits that are typically considered for a drug treating a rare form of cardiovascular disease. The range of projects and the variety of different therapy areas across multiple geographical locations and clients, as well as working with a super team of people, all merge together to create a buoyant and thoroughly enjoyable working environment.

Mark James, Consultant

Working across a range of market access projects in a fast-paced environment keeps me engaged

With the broad range of client needs, market access consultancy offers me great variation in the type of projects that I work on, from landscape assessments to gap analyses, pricing research, and value propositions. The job is varied and keeps me engaged, while the project timeframes (3-6 months) allow me to see projects through from conception all the way through to final delivery.


I really enjoy building a rapport with a range of clients and individuals

Market access consultancy offers a great opportunity to speak to clients and engage with a variety of stakeholders including key opinion leaders from multiple markets. The ability to speak and listen to people is extremely valuable and gives me a deeper level of market access understanding. I also really enjoy communicating with people and using my softer skills to develop internal and external relationships through my projects.


Directly seeing the value that market access consultancy projects add is so motivational

I really appreciate seeing the value that my consultancy projects have added, mainly due to the amount of client contact. Understanding my contribution to a project and the impact it makes to clients is a good motivation for me to take ownership. I am immensely proud of the work that I do.

Louisa Yeoh, Consultant

I am motivated by helping to bring life-changing treatments to market in a patient-centric, service‑oriented role

I find that working in strategic market access is so rewarding. We are helping to get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, and ideally at the right price. When I am focused on the detail of an evidence generation plan, landscape assessment, or value proposition, it is very motivational to stop and think about my role in those terms.


Applying my knowledge and experience in life sciences research is rewarding

My work is varied and broad across both therapy areas and markets. I really make the most of my knowledge and experience and take every opportunity to develop my skills. Market access provides a fast-paced, challenging, and rewarding environment; you will never be bored!


I am proud that the life sciences field values equality through visibly demonstrating gender parity in leadership roles

At PRMA Consulting we have a diverse and dynamic workforce that does not discriminate. Everyone who works here is here on their own merits, achievements, and the value they add for our business and clients. I am very proud of that.


If you are seeking a role in market access and are keen to make a difference in the profession, please search our current vacancies.


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