5 ways we’re enhancing our services to support our biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and wellness clients in 2023

Fishawack Health CEO, Jon Koch, explains the new platforms, tools, and services we’re elevating to drive innovation for our clients in 2023.

PRMA Consulting is part of Fishawack Health (FH), and together we are constantly looking to progress our organization’s services, processes, and platforms to improve our interdisciplinary offering for clients.

In 2023, we are continuing to expand our offering to meet our clients’ evolving needs in fast-paced and shifting market landscapes.

In this article, Jon Koch, CEO, outlines the initiatives we’re looking forward to advancing to further partner with our clients to drive healthcare innovation in 2023; including:

  1. the innovative solutions that FH are developing to connect our clients with clinicians across the globe

  2. the tools and platforms we are developing to specifically support leaner biotechs

  3. how we are leveraging digital innovation to uncover product and portfolio value for our clients

  4. the services we are enhancing to drive greater connections between patients and healthcare professionals

  5. how we are supporting our clients with real-world evidence and real-world data.

Visit FishawackHealth.com to read the full article.

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