61st ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition

Digitalizing your market access processes will leave you wondering how you managed the “old way” for so long

In recent years, healthcare has gone digital: from artificial-intelligence-driven diagnostics, through to wearable technology and health apps. The pharmaceutical industry has also embraced digital efficiencies relating to internal processes, from drug discovery to drug development and packaging.
Arguably, market access divisions have been a little late to the game. While digital technology has been applied in various ways to external communications and payer engagement tools, it is only recently that market access teams have caught up to the digital enhancements of their internal processes.

  • driving proactive planning and agility
  • enhancing real-time decision-making
  • accelerating cross-functional productivity
  • linking global thinking with local needs and implementation.

Delegates at the 61st ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition will see how breakthrough digital applications are transforming internal market access decision-making and resource allocation

ISPOR Europe 2019 provides a perfect opportunity to examine the digital transformation of your market access process. Our expert team will be in Copenhagen to help you evaluate how digital applications will help you realize your market access vision and empower you to optimize your entire global portfolio, evidence generation plans, health technology assessment submissions, and real-time payer insights.

“At the 61st ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, I will be showcasing how the PRMA digital applications allow our customers more time to focus on crafting their market access strategy by marrying the best consulting experience with cutting-edge digital efficiency. An exposition like ASH provides you with the perfect opportunity to view our applications and understand the way in which they are based on the requirements of manufacturers and payers around the globe. If you’d like to find out how embracing digital technology can better enable processes and prioritize requirements, I look forward to meeting you at the Convention Center.”

Alison Lawrence, Associate Director, PRMA Consulting

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