A career development framework for market access consultancy

Written by Lizanne Sampaio

In this update Lizanne Sampaio, HR Business Partner, explains how the PRMA Consulting Career Development Framework helps colleagues to take responsibility for driving their career development.

Recruiting, developing, and retaining engaged and motivated colleagues is essential for the success of our business. That is why PRMA Consulting is committed to a strong and successful learning and development strategy with clear progression paths.

What is the PRMA Consulting Career Development Framework?

It is a practical, flexible, accessible tool to guide colleagues’ professional development within our dynamic organization.

The framework:

  • explains the potential ladders and career progression pathways
  • sets out the skills and competencies required for market access, pricing, and reimbursement roles across our business.

Having this tool encourages colleagues to reflect on the skills, experience, knowledge, and mindset they have already acquired and prompts them to think about areas they may wish to develop.

In addition, our framework helps open up the formal communication channels for those seeking progression and provides colleagues with a common language to help explain their personal goals and drivers.

Importantly for me, it also demonstrates that PRMA Consulting is committed to everyone’s personal development. From market access strategists to medical writers, from IT developers to UX designers, we invest in the development and expertise of our teams. This expertise helps us to address the individual needs of our global pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients.   

Who should use the framework and in which situations?

Our Career Development Framework supports everyone in their career journeys, from our market access Interns to our Senior Directors. 

Line managers and their direct reports can each use the framework as a basis for identifying goals, setting KPIs, and creating a smart and meaningful development plan.

Our current framework focuses on aspects such as projects, business development, and, where applicable, people management.

It’s not something that we use in isolation. Our framework underpins the professional development for everyone working at PRMA Consulting, and it sits alongside our portfolio of career development activities, including internships, 360 reviews, and our quarterly promotion cycle.

 How are colleagues supported to use the tool?

There is training for new joiners at all levels.

We also publish Career Discussion Guides for use by everyone within the company. These practical guides aid colleagues in preparing for, discussing, and actioning their career discussions in a structured way.

A development template, complete with guidance, is also available to capture individual development goals post-career discussions.

Short Career Development examples capturing the essence of the career framework can be used alongside the Career Development Framework.

What results have been seen from the use of career frameworks?

It is well documented1 that career development increases employee motivation and productivity, while helping to retain valued employees and attracting talent.

A recent survey reports that 80% of our colleagues agree that PRMA Consulting is an organization that offers the right opportunities to learn and grow.

“The development opportunities and formal training is great compared with my experience at other consultancies. Development is part of our culture. We learn from each other and are given time within our schedules to attend training.” Colleague survey response  

This is vital for the health of our business and the clients who look to our teams to use insight-based strategic consultancy and transformative digital applications to deliver smarter market access solutions.

If you would like to find out more about our Career Development Framework or our current vacancies, please get in touch.

Further reading

  1. “Support for career development is important” 

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