Breaking boundaries in market access: PRMA Consulting annual company meeting 2020

The theme for the PRMA Consulting annual company meeting 2020 was “Breaking Boundaries” and, aptly, it took place in Lisbon, Portugal, where explorers, such as Vasco De Gama and Ferdinand Magellan embarked on their voyages of discovery.

The meeting truly captured the pioneering spirit that has helped our organization develop into an international consultancy that is shaping the future of market access.

David Sykes, Founding Partner, welcomed office teams and homeworkers from around the world to the Myriad conference center in Lisbon.

David opened the meeting by outlining PRMA Consulting’s recent achievements, including:

  • boundary breaking market access solutions through an unparalleled combination of expert consultancy and transformative digital applications

  • strengthened partnerships with clients, citing the investment in new client-focused hubs in London, New York, and Singapore.

During the 3 day meeting, colleagues joined in workshops, presentations, and activities that gave everyone opportunities to learn, explore, question, collaborate, and celebrate.

Here are three of our highlights.

Breaking boundaries through stronger partnerships

An afternoon workshop provided a fun way to increase our self-awareness of our personal communication styles.

Discussions were led by Blue Gnu Consulting and were based on our Insights® Discovery profiles.

As well as being an interesting route to self-discovery, the discussions encouraged us to think about how we can apply this internally and with clients to:

  • increase personal effectiveness
  • boost performance
  • enhance collaboration.

The thought-provoking sessions saw colleagues asking questions, sharing perspectives, and opening themselves up to new possibilities.

“The Insights® discovery workshop today was very enlightening. It has given me tips for enhancing my working relationships and provided us all with a common language for creating effective working environments in the future.”

New ways to appreciate our clients’ perspectives

Truly understanding each other’s challenges and emotions helps us build the successful relationships that are the foundation of our market access work.  

We explored some cognitive skills to bolster our understanding of our clients’ perspectives. This helped us to:

  • learn more about the pressures they face
  • uncover challenges that may initially be hidden
  • develop our appreciation of the emotions they are feeling.

Round table workshops offered a nurturing environment with plenty of opportunity for colleagues to contribute their ideas and stretch themselves.

“As a new member of the team, I was quite nervous on the first morning of the annual meeting. However, in the group workshops, I found myself asking questions and receiving positive feedback on the ideas that I shared. It’s exciting to be part of a company where there is such great support and a real opportunity to make a difference.”

Pasteis de nata, and beyond…

PRMA Consulting offers an engaging social environment with a variety of fun events throughout the year. Our annual meeting was no different and included an evening of team building and dining in central Lisbon.  

A digital treasure hunt in the historic city-center stimulated some creative thinking, good-natured competition, and opportunities to taste the local pasteis de nata. Colleagues worked together to problem solve their way around the bustling streets by foot, tram, and tuk-tuk.

Happily, everyone made it to dinner at the beautiful Praia no Parque restaurant, where the enthusiastic conversations continued until the small hours.

“My take-home message from the company meeting was that PRMA Consulting cares for its people, not just the bottom line. In an economic environment where other organizations are cutting back on internal events, we have just had our biggest and best annual meeting to date. I really feel valued!” 

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