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Supporting clients through the challenges and opportunities presented by disruptive technology is a key responsibility of a Client Excellence Manager at PRMA Consulting. In this update, Sarah Forrest describes how her customer focus and agility enables biopharma clients to feel like they are winning in a digital world.

I start the morning checking and responding to my emails. I’m looking for questions from clients. My role is focused on improving their experience, and helping them achieve their goals with the PRMA Digital Applications. A rapid reply is key to that.

The digital applications enable enhanced insight and decision-making and shorten the time to market access, so the questions that I receive vary widely. I can appreciate that digital disruption can seem intimidating, but I always advocate embracing its challenges and opportunities. I love the variety of questions I receive each day, and I thoroughly enjoy making digital transformation meaningful and achievable for our clients.

“I thoroughly enjoy making digital transformation meaningful and achievable for our clients.”

I always need to be up to date with the latest release of our software and current client projects. I liaise with our global consultants and IT team daily to ensure that questions for clients are answered quickly and accurately. I update our customer support materials based on those questions, and I add the common ones to our online FAQs.

My first meeting today was with our User Experience Manager. We have just finalized a video to demonstrate the new online helpdesk that is available for one of our applications, the PRMA Healthcheck® late module. Our clients were keen to have instant access to online user-guides and tutorials, so we introduced this on-demand knowledge base. Clients can also easily contact us for support directly from the application too, and the video shows how to do this.

Our IT specialists are highly skilled in delivering Software as a Service to our healthcare clients. Working with them on creative solutions like the video is very rewarding.

“The client really felt like they were winning by using our technology.”

Next I joined a call with a new client. They were keen to see how they could use the PRMA Healthcheck® late module more effectively. They wanted to improve the way that they match evidence to health technology assessment templates and payer requirements.

We helped the client through some examples of the heatmap function and their immediate feedback was excellent. They said this would enable them to quickly improve the communication of critical risks for payer decision-making throughout their organization. The client really felt like they were winning by using our technology.

Like everyone at PRMA Consulting, I love making a difference.

“Empowering clients with transformative technologies demands innovative thinking.”

My final meeting of the day is with our Digital Product Owners and our User Experience and Digital Development teams. Empowering clients with transformative technologies demands innovative thinking, so we regularly get together to brainstorm the developments that should be made.

Feedback from our clients is invaluable. We chart our activity on a user-centric development framework. This focuses us on the usability goals, user characteristics, and workflow of our applications and ensures each area is given extensive attention at each stage of the design process. I enjoy bringing client insight to the meeting and working with the team to provide the best user experience for our applications. Seeing the version updates delivered at a speed and scale that benefits clients gives me a real buzz.

“Like everyone at PRMA Consulting, I love making a difference.”

One more check of my emails and I am finished for the day. I thoroughly enjoy my job; it combines the fast pace of the digital world, strong client interactions, and day-to-day problem solving. As PRMA Consulting’s Digital Applications successfully grow our clients’ competitive advantage, being part of this agile, customer-focused team is really exciting.

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