Health in your pocket: leveraging digital solutions to empower community-centered and patient-centric care models in Asia-Pacific

This update provides key takeaways from one of the expert sessions at the Zuellig Pharma Summit 2022, ‘Building a Healthier Asia: empowering more equitable access to healthcare innovation’. Zuellig Pharma and Knowledge Partner, PRMA Consulting, are pleased to share this summary from the post-summit report to contribute to raising awareness and progressing the conversation on enhancing access to healthcare in the Asia-Pacific region.

How digital innovations and technologies can help bridge the access gap for patients in Asia-Pacific

During this session, expert speakers discussed how digital innovations and technologies can help bridge the access gap by improving patient-centricity and accessibility to healthcare and, more importantly, giving patients and consumers greater autonomy over their own health in a safe and secure manner.



Key takeaways:

  • Digital technologies result in improvement in patient access, with care being decentralized.

    • Telemedicine improves access, especially if patients are in rural areas.

    • Sharing data enables patients to receive more personalized care, supported by potential in-built analytics to inform patients of key insights along their healthcare journey.

    • COVID-19 has accelerated/catalyzed the use of telemedicine, by highlighting the convenience and benefits of digital health in ensuring better access to care.
  • Key barriers to digital transformation include lack of trust in the digital tools, technical considerations/digital penetration gap in some regions across ASEAN, and regulatory capabilities to evaluate digital products.

    • Adoption of digital tools would require the public sector to take the first leap and provide a conducive environment for collaboration with private sectors.

  • It is hoped that, over the next 5 years, there will be an expansion in the number of services offered, improved autonomy for patients (ownership of their health data), moving from “data in your pocket” to “analytics in your pocket”, improved digital maturity across all Asia countries, and a focus on preventative health rather than just treatment.

Read the full report to explore the barriers and solutions to equitable access in the Asia‑Pacific region

A full synopsis from the Zuellig Summit is available to download now. This report summarizes the key takeaways from all of the expert sessions:

  • Best care anywhere: Achieving access for all to healthcare innovation in a complex region

  • Partnering for health: Building strategic partnerships to achieve the goals for access and equity

  • Trust your doctor? Securing trust in the healthcare system: how does this help drive access and equity?

  • Health in your pocket: Leveraging digital solutions to empower community-centered and patient-centric care models

  • The last mile to healthcare: Reimagining strategic supply chains to ensure equitable supply across and within markets

  • Moving from “Wealth = Health” to “Health = Wealth”: Building value-based healthcare financing models that deliver equitable access


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The Asia-Pacific region is characterized by its dynamic nature and rapidly evolving markets. These are critical to the future growth plans of our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, and we are leading many ground-breaking market access projects in the region.

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