How our mobile working philosophy was inspired by our colleagues

In this Q&A, Liz Landon, Chief People Officer at Fishawack Health, explains how our flexible approach to working was inspired by our colleagues’ feedback.

PRMA Consulting is part of Fishawack Health (FH), and together we are proud that our company culture and benefits reflect what our team members want and need. In 2023, we are continuing to develop a purposeful and flexible approach to working, which emphasizes colleague well-being and shines a spotlight on career development opportunities.

Each of our benefits and initiatives is based on evidence from our colleague surveys, including quantitative data and qualitative insights provided by our colleagues.

What is the organization’s mobile working philosophy?

Liz Landon: Virtual and hybrid working are an essential part of our daily lives at FH. Due to the global nature of our work and our cross-functional ways of working, our team members are constantly collaborating across our 22 offices and 19 city hubs in the US, Europe, and Asia, and across our core disciplines (Medical; Marketing; Policy; Access; Value, and Evidence; and Consulting).

We have a mobile working philosophy based on the principle that colleagues, with the support of the organization and their managers, should feel empowered to make the right decisions for themselves, their teams, and their clients in relation to how and where they work. This fosters a greater sense of trust, ownership, and engagement, which enables individuals to do their best work.

While we’re considerate of what’s happening in the market, we base our decisions on what our people want and need. We have no official days in the office. Instead, we are creating what we call ‘connection days’ in our locations to encourage people to come together, as we know this can energize teams.

Mobile working helps us uncover new opportunities to innovate

Liz Landon: Our foundational belief is ‘Better Health Happens When We Connect.’ As we have honed our hybrid working approach, we have uncovered new opportunities to innovate. For example, great ideas often hit at different times, and now we are not restricted to a fixed meeting to share our thinking. Brainstorming as a team has become more democratic, as it is less likely to have one or two voices dominating a virtual call. We have a ‘camera on’ culture, so we can get to know colleagues around the world while closely collaborating.

Our philosophy has also changed the way we now use our offices. Since our employees are working in a hybrid and mobile fashion, we have changed the set-up of our physical office spaces to be more purposeful and collaborative for meetings, workshops, training, and social events, which ultimately enhance creativity, productivity, and fun.

Employees value time in the office when there is a reason for being there, and they value heads-down time working remotely when there is a reason for being off-site. Being nimble with our policies and our workspaces helps our colleagues to shift gears from ideation with colleagues in person, to focused work, heads down, at home, and all the work modes in between.

In addition to mobile working, what else is the organization doing to attract new talent and retain existing employees?

Liz Landon: In a rapidly evolving and growing sector, we need to ensure we remain competitive to attract and retain top talent at all career levels. Our commitment to our people is what keeps employees here and attracts new ones. We strive to enable our employees to do, be, and feel their best by creating the teams, community, and culture where they can find purpose and thrive. This includes:

  • Providing personalized capability development and career path navigation, enabling our employees to progress their careers with purpose

  • Working every day to build an inclusive, psychologically safe, collaborative culture where all can thrive

  • Striving to offer unparalleled flexibility, benefits, and well-being support to team members balancing life and work.

Finally, we work to ensure our compensation and benefits packages are competitive in our industry and across our geographies. We offer a generous pension and retirement plan, private medical insurance globally, comprehensive employee well-being initiatives, a compelling time-off policy (including closing the last week of each year), family forming and fertility support, plus many other excellent benefits.

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