How collaboration and connectivity can accelerate payer submissions and drive faster patient access

Written by Sotiria Papanicolaou

Sotiria Papanicolaou explains how the combination of digital innovation and expert insight is removing roadblocks and speeding up the generation of payer submissions for pharma.

The road to health technology assessment (HTA) and payer submissions is paved with complexity. Pharma’s mission is simple: to minimize the time between regulatory approval and market access, ensuring in the process that a drug is accessible to all appropriate patients, in line with the regulatory approval. However, the journey is often slowed down by roadblocks that could easily be avoided with better navigation and greater collaboration. Thankfully, the tools to guide us home are already out there.

Heavy traffic

But first, let’s look at current driving conditions. At the affiliate level, the roads are congested; busy access teams are hurriedly moving from lane to lane, simultaneously managing submissions across multiple therapy areas, products, and indications. For each submission they need to:

  • understand complex value stories and global evidence
  • generate local real-world data
  • develop innovative pricing and contracting models that resonate with stakeholder needs.

With so much to do, teams often only get the chance to review global materials for each submission as they join the approach road to launch. The global value dossiers (GVD) they’re given are well defined and provide solid directions. But with limited time to consult the map, teams are sometimes pulling out onto unfamiliar roads and quickly finding themselves held up in traffic. With a better navigation system, and closer collaboration, it might have been possible to plan a faster route; everyone needs help.

The most common disruptions are invariably caused by suboptimal alignment between global and local teams. We’ve all been the affiliate who thinks global doesn’t understand our local needs. And we all know of affiliates who, despite the best efforts of global, have ignored the GVD and chosen to go their own way. It’s a familiar story, but it’s an expensive one too; silo thinking (on both sides) creates challenges that can distract focus and cost precious time, fueling inefficiency and making a complex task even harder. It’s not quite Submission Impossible, but the journey could be much more comfortable. With smarter processes and greater connectivity, companies can move into the fast lane and power their way to market access.

Empowering affiliates

The innovative application of digital technology is transforming all aspects of pharmaceutical market access strategy. A great example is in the development of HTA and payer submissions, where digital innovation is helping affiliate teams navigate local payer requirements efficiently and collaboratively. The drivers are clear: global teams are increasingly looking to develop a consistent approach to payer submissions that empowers affiliates – providing tools that not only support them with dossier development, but also free them to focus on generating the local data, messages, and strategies that will have the biggest impact. As companies push for greater internal alignment, many are turning to technology to improve collaboration and support the transfer of knowledge between international and local teams.

That need for efficiency is one of the main reasons why we developed the PRMA Navigator®, a digital application that improves the quality of payer submissions and shortens the time to market (and patient) access. Everyone knows that payer submission templates and guidance documents are always evolving, but keeping pace with that change is essential if submissions are to meet local requirements. The PRMA Navigator® takes the latest submission templates published by HTA agencies – along with co-created, customized templates where official templates don’t exist – and combines them with the global evidence developed by pharma to create a robust framework for country-specific submissions. The application, guided by our experienced market access experts, then takes the relevant content from the relevant materials and puts it in the right place in the submission templates.

Driving efficiencies

The PRMA Navigator®, described in detail in our eBook, is helping proactive market access teams move quickly through the gears to accelerate their strategies. For many clients, the tool is auto-populating draft submissions that are up to 80% complete – and fully aligned with their products’ global strategy – in as little as two weeks. The approach is easing the demands on affiliate teams, giving them more time to focus on generating the local evidence-based components of payer submissions. And it’s unlocking significant time and cost efficiencies with external resources too, reducing vendor requirements by up to 50%. Most important of all, the PRMA Navigator® is shortening the time that affiliates are taking to submit dossiers, and minimizing the gap between regulatory approval and patient access.

More than just technology

However, the PRMA Navigator® is more than a just technology – it’s powered by an advisory network that understands the payer landscape and the nuances of HTA submissions. The digital solutions that transform market access are never plug and play: the best are tools of collaboration, underpinned by expert consultancy that helps busy teams identify and populate gaps in submissions and align global evidence with local need.

The road to HTA and payer submissions is littered with obstacles that can, at best, slow you down or, at worst, bring your journey to a grinding halt. What’s more, the real-world demands on market access teams add another layer of complexity to an already difficult task. But reaching the finishing line doesn’t need to be Submission Impossible. The powerful combination of digital innovation and expert insight is transforming market access. It can help you avoid the common roadblocks, and guide you safely, quickly, and efficiently to your ultimate destination: patient access.

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