Market access strategies and services for Asia-Pacific

Written by Kin Cheng

The Asia-Pacific region is critical to the growth plans of many pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers. As Kin Cheng explains, PRMA Consulting is leading several exciting and ground-breaking market access projects in the region.

Market access in Asia-Pacific

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Keeping up with the changing market access landscapes in the Asia-Pacific region is a critical element of success for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers.

PRMA Consulting has experience in conducting market access landscape assessments for a range of products, many including markets in the Asia-Pacific region. These projects highlight issues that are relevant in the region around opportunities, likely market access outcomes, and the perceived burden of disease.

At PRMA Consulting, we support our clients by keeping abreast of changes in the market access environment and anticipating the impact on their product portfolios. For example, our explorations of the impact of patient access schemes and access to novel cancer therapies were recognized by ISPOR at their 2020 conference.

Real-world evidence solutions for Asia-Pacific market access

Another trend in the Asia-Pacific region is an increasing reliance on evidence, not only from clinical trials but also different forms of real-world evidence.

Database research helps us understand what has happened in clinical practice and how this differs from the framework set up in clinical guidelines. However, where databases do not provide sufficient insight, other forms of real-world evidence can play an important role.

This is particularly the case in rapidly evolving and complex treatment landscapes, where clinical areas can develop more quickly than guidelines can sometimes keep up with. The landscape demands a need to understand how decisions are made and the context in which they are made.

PRMA Consulting is experienced in generating different types of real-world evidence that are of value in the Asia-pacific region.

Pricing strategies that reflect the true value of your asset in Asia-Pacific markets

An example of this work is costing studies, which generate evidence to support budget impact or cost-effectiveness models.

  • A framework for the resource use is developed and then populated with data collected from practicing clinicians.
  • By supplementing published literature with clinician surveys, we can identify distinct phases in the treatment of a particular disease (for example, metastatic melanoma) and determine the costs associated with each phase.
  • Country-specific Delphi panels are conducted to account for differences in clinical practice and cost structures between countries.
  • A tailored approach to costing studies generates more accurate data, enhances the credibility of the economic models, and reduces uncertainty around the total costs to payers and healthcare systems.

Online surveys that fast forward your market access strategy

Another example is collecting insight from clinicians through online surveys.

A PRMA Consulting advisory board identified the need for a stringent definition of the patient population because of a lack of specific clinical guidelines. To determine how patients with statin intolerance were identified and managed in clinical practice, we created and implemented an online survey of 1,500+ clinicians across 27 markets including Australia, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea.

This enabled comparison of clinical practice between countries and allowed us to successfully address gaps in the clinical guidelines.

We would be delighted to have a confidential conversation about your Asia-Pacific market access needs

I hope that has given you an idea of the support we can provide to manufacturers working in the APAC region. Please take a look through the free resources below or get in touch to learn more about how we can partner with you to solve your market access challenges.

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