Meet our latest market access colleagues in Asia-Pacific

We are pleased to welcome three new colleagues to our international consultancy team. Xin, Ye, and Kin bring years of life-science expertise and a commitment to delivering smarter market access solutions for clients with an Asia-Pacific (APAC) focus.


Please join us in welcoming:

Xin Zhao, Consultant

What do you do at PRMA Consulting and in what circumstances would a client come to you?

I joined PRMA Consulting as a consultant specializing in APAC market access and pricing strategy. I have extensive hands-on experience in product life-cycle management from R&D research to commercial strategy in a global setting.

Clients come to me for insight into the APAC region and global launch strategy.


How would you describe your experience with PRMA Consulting so far?

Busy, constructive, and client-focused. Everyone is so positive and great to work with!


What makes PRMA Consulting different from other companies that you have worked in?

The innovative PRMA Healthcheck® digital application offers unique benefits for my market access clients. Harnessing our APAC consulting expertise, it allows clients to quickly enhance insights, strengthen collaboration, and accelerate action at both global and market levels.


What’s your go-to productivity trick?

I have two: plan ahead and maintain proactivity in communication.

Ye Huang, Senior Analyst

Who inspired you to pursue the market access career you have today?

I met my mentor who works in APAC market access when I was a student. He introduced me to (and continues to show me) how market access professionals have helped improve patient access in APAC, and the potential that the region has.

He inspired me to pursue a career in market access and keep bringing value to healthcare and patients in the region.


Why did you choose to join the PRMA Consulting APAC team?

PRMA Consulting has a strong focus on developing its APAC footprint. There are invaluable opportunities for my career development and the team working in the region is dynamic, positive, and knowledgeable at the country, regional and global level.

PRMA Consulting is a great place for market access professionals to learn, grow, and contribute.


What one thing has surprised you about working at PRMA Consulting?

The diversity of our team means that we offer a breadth of benefits for our clients: different perspectives, culture, skills, and ideas. We work in a very collaborative way and I feel highly valued.


Which PRMA Consulting value do you most associate with and why?

Collaboration – it is the collaborative spirit which brings the team together and every team member brings their unique value to optimize the work for our clients.

Dr Kin Cheng, Consultant

How would you describe your experience with PRMA Consulting so far?

It has been incredibly stimulating and rewarding. We are given the resources, training, and support that we need to develop, contribute, and very quickly make an impact on our clients’ goals, and ultimately, on patients’ lives.

It is an intense and fast-paced environment, and the team at PRMA Consulting is incredible in proactively ensuring that you have the support you need.


Who/what inspired you to pursue the market access career you have today?

With many novel and potentially curative therapies coming to market, this is a very exciting time to be in healthcare. Issues of pricing and access have, however, become more critical and challenging to address – increasingly more so in the APAC region. I wanted to develop a better understanding of the market access issues and help accelerate patient access to innovative treatments.

PRMA Consulting has deep expertise across a broad range of therapy areas and specializes in strategic market access. This makes it the perfect environment to gain exposure to the pressing issues of pricing, reimbursement, and market access in innovative and rapidly changing therapy areas and help to shape the industry.


What’s one thing that surprised you about working at PRMA Consulting?

Even though many of our colleagues are based in international hubs or remote working, I feel very well connected and embedded within the team.

This is largely due to the initiative, collaboration, and thoughtfulness of my colleagues, ensuring that everyone has the resources they need to thrive.

We are always looking for people who will deliver first-class work.

Our company is growing, and the energy, fresh perspective, and additional skills our new team members bring with them adds to the excellent consultancy and support team that we already have. If you have the knowledge and enthusiasm to continue our progression, we would love to hear from you. Search our latest career opportunities.

Meet the rest of our APAC pricing, reimbursement, and market access team.

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