New experts strengthen client partnerships in PRMA Consulting’s Asia-Pacific market access team

PRMA Consulting welcomes two new consultants to its Asia-Pacific (APAC) team.

In this update, Sudha and Smarth share their experiences of market access in the APAC region and explain the qualities and capabilities they bring to their client partnerships.

Sudha Sundaram, Consultant 

What do you enjoy about working in Asia-Pacific market access consultancy? 

The field of market access is rapidly evolving, which keeps me on my toes in terms of analytical and innovative thinking. I enjoy the work in consulting, it has a good breadth in terms of project types, be it across the product lifecycle or across different therapy areas. 

As part of the APAC team, I work on projects and proposal designs with unique research questions specific to emerging markets in this part of the world. With the limited precedents in APAC countries and rapidly evolving national Health technology assessment (HTA) systems, our clients in the APAC region require out-of-the-box thinking, which allows me to channel my creative side. 

There is never a dull moment as an APAC market access consultant! 


What one thing has surprised you about working at PRMA Consulting? 

One thing that has been surprising is how connected and integrated this organization is. We are a member of Fishawack Health, so I have colleagues in APAC, the US, and across Europe, yet there is still is a sense of oneness and common purpose across the various locations and client partnership teams that I find quite unique. 

I am also impressed by how willing everyone is to help and guide. Whenever I have reached out to a colleague, I have found that they are quick to respond with a very friendly, open-minded, and solution-oriented attitude. Mutual respect and a collaborative spirit are rooted in our company culture. 

Which PRMA Consulting value do you most associate with and why? 

I associate strongly with PRMA Consulting’s value of ownership. Delivering on the promise of responsive and timely medical access is what market access is about, so ownership is crucial in this function. 

As consultants guiding healthcare organizations in enabling access, we practice the same attitude and thought process that we preach. As a person who takes pride in delivering what is needed on time, the idea of taking responsibility for my client work really resonates with me, both in my day-to-day work and in what I hope to achieve in my career in market access. 


Smarth Lakhanpal, Consultant 

What do you enjoy about working in Asia-Pacific market access consultancy? 

A market access consultant faces new challenges on a daily basis that requires novel solutions. I see my peers challenging the current understanding of market access, exploring opportunities with clients in new and unexplored markets by innovating new value, evidence, and access strategies. 

It is this pioneering drive that is a part of PRMA Consulting’s DNA that always keeps me inspired. 

What is your typical day in market access consultancy like? 

My typical day begins with a quick review of pharmaceutical newsletters followed by reviewing emails and planning out the tasks for the day. Working as part of a global organization across multiple time zones requires strict time and resource management. 

Our office is in Singapore, so my day starts before the rest of the world and is usually divided into two halves. The first half of my day is dedicated to preparing client deliverables and the second half of my day is reserved for internal and/or client meetings. 

Why did you choose to join the PRMA Consulting Asia-Pacific team? 

The APAC region presents a unique blend of public, private and alternative funding mechanisms, and with the growing need for universal healthcare and adoption of HTA in pricing and reimbursement decision-making, holistic market access strategies are required to succeed in the region. This results in the need for innovation and makes it an exciting time to be in market access and more so in APAC. 

PRMA Consulting offers depth of experience in pricing, reimbursement, and market access and has a history of striving for innovation, which makes it the ideal partner to address the unique challenges of the region and create pioneering market access strategies. 


Contact Sudha, Smarth, and our APAC market access team 

If you happen to be in Singapore or at one of the APAC pharmaceutical conferences, please stop by. We know that Sudha, Smarth, and the rest of the team would love to learn more about your business so that they can provide you with the best service possible. Alternatively, you can read more about our value, access, and evidence capabilities in the APAC region, or get in touch for a confidential conversation.  

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