Partnering for health in Asia-Pacific: building strategic partnerships to achieve goals for access and equity

This update provides key takeaways from one of the expert sessions at the Zuellig Pharma Summit 2022, ‘Building a Healthier Asia: empowering more equitable access to healthcare innovation’. Zuellig Pharma and Knowledge Partner, PRMA Consulting, are pleased to share this summary from the post-summit report to contribute to raising awareness and progressing the conversation on enhancing access to healthcare in the Asia-Pacific region.

Strengthening collaborations in the Asia-Pacific healthcare ecosystem

During this session, expert speakers discussed how collaboration between different public and private players in the healthcare ecosystem can address gaps in access due to financial, infrastructure, and regulatory barriers in the Asia-Pacific region.



Key takeaways:

  • Collaboration with multiple stakeholders is essential as it can aid in aligning objectives, achieving key outcomes, and overcoming financial barriers.

  • Key players in improving access and equity include private equity firms, specialty care providers, generic and big pharma manufacturers, donors (both private and public), international organizations (e.g., International Finance Corporation, world bank), government, policymakers and regulators, large healthcare groups/organizations, and patient associations.

  • There is an increasing flow of funds into the Asia-Pacific region and all stakeholders will need to work together to optimize the use of these funds.
    • To increase the supply of newly trained medical professionals and adoption of modern technologies in emerging markets, some funding will need to be channeled to training.

    • Greater investment in medical tourism could be considered with different countries being specialists for different therapeutic areas to optimize resource allocation.

    • Insurance penetration in emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region is low. Strategic partnerships and/or designing access programs with multiple stakeholders will be useful.

  • Harmonizing the regulatory framework across countries would optimize expedited access to innovative treatments.

  • Technology-backed businesses will be essential in driving growth and healthcare innovation.

Read the full report to explore the barriers and solutions to equitable access in the Asia‑Pacific region

A full synopsis from the Zuellig Summit is available to download now. This report summarizes the key takeaways from all of the expert sessions:

  • Best care anywhere: Achieving access for all to healthcare innovation in a complex region

  • Partnering for health: Building strategic partnerships to achieve the goals for access and equity

  • Trust your doctor? Securing trust in the healthcare system: how does this help drive access and equity?

  • Health in your pocket: Leveraging digital solutions to empower community-centered and patient-centric care models

  • The last mile to healthcare: Reimagining strategic supply chains to ensure equitable supply across and within markets

  • Moving from “Wealth = Health” to “Health = Wealth”: Building value-based healthcare financing models that deliver equitable access


Supporting your Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence needs in the Asia-Pacific region

The Asia-Pacific region is characterized by its dynamic nature and rapidly evolving markets. These are critical to the future growth plans of our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, and we are leading many ground-breaking market access projects in the region.

PRMA Consulting, part of Fishawack Health, will help you bring out the best in your asset, using our extensive market access and disease area experience. Get in touch for a confidential conversation about your policy, access, value, and evidence needs.

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