PM Society Digital Awards: market access award winner

We are pleased to announce that the PRMA Healthcheck® digital application, a unique and innovative market access solution, has been chosen as the silver award winner in the market access category of the PM Society Digital Awards.

The prestigious PM Society Digital Awards competition invites entries from organizations across the globe that deliver meaningful outcomes and results to their clients through digital programs and applications.

The inclusion of industry experts within the judging panel means that the technology is being assessed from a manufacturer’s perspective.

As Jan McKendrick, Senior Director said: “I am incredibly proud of the PRMA Healthcheck® team who have worked hard to develop and refine this application. It’s wonderful when clients see the benefits that the application delivers and fantastic to have this recognized by the expert judges of the PM Society Digital Awards.” 

Our award-winning entry: The PRMA Healthcheck®

The best digital solutions rely on a combination of great technology and expert insight.

At PRMA Consulting we have leveraged our deep understanding of payer communities to develop the PRMA Healthcheck®, a pioneering cloud-based application that drives readiness for HTA and payer submissions.

The PRMA Healthcheck® supports market access with the development of evidence generation plans for assets in clinical development. It helps them optimize market access submissions by adapting to evolving treatment landscapes and payer evidence requirements.

Leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have harnessed the real-time insight powered by the PRMA Healthcheck® to:

Enhance insight

Provides a structured assessment of the risks and opportunities in multiple markets based on a robust methodology.

Strengthen collaboration

Encourages earlier and effective cross-functional communication that integrates affiliate needs to align on key issues.

Accelerate action

Identifies actions to mitigate risk and facilitates prioritization across markets.

Shaping the future of market access

Our suite of secure and intuitive cloud-based solutions speak to the real-world complexities of global market access. They will help you unlock and optimize product value from early development through to successful country submissions.

As a Global Market Access lead said; “Speechless! The results from the PRMA Healthcheck® are truly impressive, and exceed our expectations. This consummate piece of work provides a comprehensive analysis of our current position and an elevated vision for our future plan.”

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