Reducing the care gap in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment

This free eBook provides expert analysis of the global trends and recommendations for driving commercial success across a range of stakeholders in oncology.

Created by the interdisciplinary team at Fishawack Health, “Reducing the care gap” includes insight about:

  • Driving uptake of biomarker testing among community oncologists 
  • Integrating patient centricity across the commercialization path in multiple myeloma 

  • The increasing influence of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on the commercialization of oncology products 

  • Why applying a commercial lens to Phase 2 trials will drive launch success 

  • Advice on commercializing CAR-T therapies – from driving equitable access to developing impactful and relevant marketing 

  • A case study on determining endpoints in non-small cell lung cancer  

PRMA Consulting is part of Fishawack Health, a purposefully built commercialization partner for the biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and wellness industries. Learn more at 

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