Showcasing Robust Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence Solutions at ISPOR 2023, Boston, May 7–10

Meet senior experts from Avalere Health, Policy Analysis Inc., and PRMA Consulting at ISPOR 2023 on booth #831. It’s the perfect time to find out how our best in class, end‑to‑end policy, access, value, and evidence services are supporting leading life sciences companies, health plan providers, and investors. 

Key areas of focus at ISPOR 2023 include:

  • delivering robust policy, access, value, and evidence solutions
  • navigating the ambiguity of the Inflation Reduction Act
  • live demonstrations of our HEOR and market access digital solutions and subscription services. 

Discover how to leverage our connected US and global at ISPOR 2023 

ISPOR 2023 provides you with the ideal opportunity to learn how Avalere has combined its healthcare consulting expertise with Policy Analysis Inc. (PAI) and PRMA Consulting, as a single capability within parent group, Fishawack Health. These strong US and global connections bring truly integrated innovative data, technology-driven solutions, and experienced-based insights to today’s most complex healthcare challenges. 



In an interview ahead of ISPOR 2023, senior colleagues keenly anticipated the value that our connected teams will offer delegates at the upcoming exhibition:

“We are excited to be attending ISPOR 2023. The global pressures on price and focus on value are as strong as ever. With the advent of the Inflation Reduction Act, EUnetHTA 21, and pricing reforms in Germany, France, and Japan, the industry is being challenged on all fronts to clearly demonstrate the value of the innovation they are developing.

At Fishawack Health we have strategically built out first-class capabilities across policy, market access, and HEOR to offer you a truly joined up service offering that meets your needs. We look forward to meeting with you to explore how we can partner with you to address the evolving landscape.”

“We understand policy, we understand market access, we understand evidence and value engagement – not only in the US, but also across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. It’s not necessarily difficult to find expertise in any one of those areas, but it’s hard to find a company that delivers it all. I’m excited to introduce you to our integrated global offering at ISPOR 2023.”

“Avalere, PAI, and PRMA Consulting have come together as a single unified capability within Fishawack Health, connecting our fully integrated services and solutions with one goal in mind – solving clients’ problems the way that problem-solving should be done. This is changing the game for us, and it will be a game-changer for our clients as we continue to move ahead together.”

“ISPOR 2023 is a great place to meet our policy, access, value, and evidence experts. With deep knowledge of quickly evolving policy and market access landscapes, and the implications for portfolio and commercialization strategies, they will help you develop robust strategies and agile solutions for changing markets.” Jon Koch, CEO, Fishawack Health


Navigating the ambiguity of the Inflation Reduction Act at ISPOR 2023 

ISPOR invites health policy makers, regulators, researchers, payers, and patients from across the world to Boston, to discuss the biggest issues affecting healthcare right now. With growing interest in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), it has never been a better time to set up a meeting with our team. The IRA will not just affect the pharmaceutical market in the US but have major ramifications around the world.

“This is a pivotal moment,” says Sarah Alwardt, Senior Vice President, Avalere Health. “It’s still not completely clear how the IRA is going to be implemented or how it will change over time, but if you’re looking for an expert consultancy to help you navigate that ambiguity, we are the right company with the right connections to help you do that.”

“Evidence, Value, and Market Access after the Inflation Reduction Act”: attend our ISPOR 2023 theatre session 

In addition to meeting our experts at booth #831, join Michael Ciarametaro, Principal, Avalere Health in a discussion, “The Day After Tomorrow: Evidence, Value, and Market Access After the IRA” on Tuesday May 9, 11:45 am – 12:15 pm, in the Exhibition Hall Theatre.

During this session, Michael and panelists, including Kim Caldwell, best known for leading the development and implementation of Medicare Part D at CMS and Sarah Alwardt, former Ontada and Humana analytics leadership, will be leveraging their public and private payer, HTA, evidence, and policy experience to debate these key issues:

  • Will CMS set the negotiated price at the maximum statutory amount in the first few years, or will it base the pricing on a review of the evidence?
  • Is the negotiation model likely to be closer to a clinical-type review or a more formal HTA?
  • What is the potential role of intellectual property and research and development cost factors?
  • What will be the role of subpopulations and health disparities in determining a price?
  • How will CMS balance health system sustainability with supporting meaningful innovation?
  • What are the downstream negotiation impacts on plans?

If you are not attending ISPOR 2023, you don’t have to miss out: the expert team at Avalere Health is sharing weekly insights on



“Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Negotiation: Closer to Government Price Setting or Traditional HTA?”: join us for our ISPOR 2023 panel session

Join Michael Ciarametaro, Principal, Avalere Health in a panel discussion, “Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Negotiation: Closer to Government Price Setting or Traditional HTA?” on Tuesday May 9, 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm, in the Exhibition Hall Theater.

During this session, Michael and panelists Peter Neumann, a patient advocate, and Emily Freeman, a health services and outcomes researcher, will explore this question by examining key differences between price setting and traditional HTA, and their ramifications.

  • Mike Ciarametaro will highlight key differences in evidence and methods, including a high-level overview of potential IRA negotiation models.
  • Peter Neumann will examine the unique challenges of the HTA method and the opportunities the government will face when implementing the negotiation process. Topics to be discussed include product life cycle timing, evidence mix, and multiple indications.
  • Emily Freeman will delve into the opportunities and challenges for IRA negotiation incorporating a patient-centered care approach. Topics will include the processes and methods for incorporating patient feedback and patient-centered outcomes to determine a negotiated price.

MALCOM, the new e-learning platform for Market Access and HEOR professionals, launches at ISPOR 2023

Another reason to meet members of our team at ISPOR 2023 is to discuss our new e-learning platform MALCOM (Market Access Learning Compendium).

“For the first time, we have captured the wealth of our market access expertise and are making it available as MALCOM e-learning. It’s a simple and consistent way to train your teams and keep them up to date on the HTA and pricing and reimbursement environment,” says Alison Lawrence, Director, PRMA Consulting.

“Expertise in policy, access, value and evidence is a fundamental part of achieving reimbursement and access to treatments,” she says. “MALCOM takes the pressure out of internal training by providing our knowledge in a flexible, on-demand e-learning application.”


Live demonstrations of our HEOR and market access digital solutions and subscription services at ISPOR 2023 

Unlock and optimize product value from early development through to successful country submissions with our suite of unique digital applications:

Advanced HEOR modeling simplified
Maximize the value of your asset portfolio at all stages of development
Efficiently and effectively deliver high-quality multiple HTA and other payer submissions
Track the evolving HTA and P&R landscape for key competitors or products of interest

Avalere Health’s subscription services provide expert insights that help you understand and navigate the changing healthcare environment:

Quality Measures Navigator® Integrate quality measures into drug development and product launch planning

Federal Policy 360® Monitor, influence, or adapt to federal health policy activity, news, and trends affecting the US healthcare market

State Policy 360® Understand, influence, or adapt to health policy activity across all 50 states plus Washington, DC

Global Policy 360™ Understand how global developments in drug pricing and value, value-based purchasing and innovative contracting approaches, and novel therapies influence US markets

Cell & Gene Policy 360™ Keep informed of changes to the policy and market landscape as you prepare to launch a cell or gene therapy

Policy Edge™ Stay ahead with data-driven and actionable insights into Congressional and administrative policymakers’ priorities

We are part of Fishawack Health; together we imagine a healthier world and create the connections to make it happen

Fishawack Health is a purposefully built commercialization partner for the biopharmaceutical, medical technology, and wellness industries. Our 1,500+ experts combine their knowledge and expertise across our core disciplines – Medical; Marketing; Policy, Access, Value, and Evidence; and Consulting – to create the connections that make better health happen.

We partner with our clients to navigate the complex and rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem. Together, we realize the potential of strategies and solutions, to bring innovation to the hands of those who can benefit from it.

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Thoughts from our team

Our deep understanding of payer methodological and decision-making approaches allows us to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances in a cross-functional way to bring the best advice and solutions to our clients. Meet our expert team at ISPOR 2023 on booth 831.

Jan McKendrick Executive Director and Practice Lead, Global HEOR, PRMA Consulting

The reason that pharmaceutical market access professionals are excited about the APAC region is not just because of the developed markets with mature payer systems, it’s also the potential from emerging markets with larger populations and evolving payer systems. APAC presents big opportunities for growth, and ISPOR 2023 is the perfect opportunity to discuss your strategic needs with our international team.

Jeff Weisel, Managing Director APAC, PRMA Consulting

Partnering with our expert team of HEOR, market access, and healthcare policy professionals is enabling our clients to do two things better. First, more confidently anticipate payer and stakeholder hurdles they are likely to encounter on the road to launch. And second, make smarter and faster decisions for pipeline assets that can pave the way to commercial success by capably navigating around these obstacles. It’s the essence of best-in-class HEOR and market access services and solutions, and we’re delivering this to our clients with our newly integrated cross-capability framework.

Gerry Oster PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Fishawack Health

As the IRA moves the US closer to centralized value assessment, there are important similarities and differences in how IRA negotiation and ex-US HTA reach the common goal of determining a price. In our panel, we will explore the question of price setting or traditional HTA by examining key differences and associated ramifications, and what this means for patient centricity.

Mike Ciarametaro, Principal, Avalere Health

With healthcare and policy landscapes rapidly evolving in the US and globally, it is more important than ever to be forward-thinking and agile in your approach to value, evidence, access, and policy strategy. Planning for evidence generation and communication must have a structured approach and start earlier in the pipeline to address potential access challenges head-on. We look forward to sharing more about our innovative capabilities and digital applications with you at ISPOR 2023!

Nicole Lodowski, Senior Director and US PRMA Practice Lead, PRMA Consulting

As a fully connected team of global policy, access, value, and evidence experts, Avalere, Policy Analysis Inc (PAI), and PRMA Consulting provide robust, holistic payer readiness and innovative commercialization solutions. Meet us on booth #831 at ISPOR 2023 to discover how we can partner with you to solve complex market access challenges and help drive your commercial success.

Catherine Kielar, Executive Director and Practice Lead, Global Market Access

ISPOR 2023 is going to be especially critical this year in light of the movement to implement the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in the US. I encourage you to take the time to hear our experts discuss the potential short- and long-term impact of the IRA in our Tuesday morning theater session and learn how HEOR and RWE teams can support their organization’s response.

Nathan White, Client Partnership Lead

hēRo3 enables HEOR teams to rapidly build models and deliver understandable insights early and often. We would be delighted to tell you more about how we can provide any level of support necessary to ensure you are now incorporating critical HEOR insights into your decision-making process.

Chad Rose, Chief Operating Officer, PAI & hēRo3

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