The importance of core values for wellbeing at work

Written by Christina Lawrence

In this update, Christina Lawrence, Head of People and Mental Health First Aider, shares insights from a wellbeing at work session at PRMA Consulting. As part of a supportive program, initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic, this session offered colleagues the opportunity to explore the importance of core values in both work and personal environments.

Your core values are the principles that are important to you, whether it is at work or home. They can motivate your behavior, give you direction, and help you to make decisions.

When your thoughts and behaviors match your values, it is easier to feel positive and content. But during times of uncertainty or increased pressure your thoughts or actions may not always align with your personal values. This misalignment could leave you feeling demotivated or anxious.

That is why, at PRMA Consulting, we have focused one of our series of wellbeing at work sessions on the importance of values.

Taking a moment to identify and reaffirm our personal values

During a virtual workshop, facilitated by Claire Aristides,1 colleagues were encouraged to consider their top five values. Participants were happy to share some of their personal values, including:


Collaboration Determination Efficiency


Improvement Integrity Leadership


Respect Stability Trust

To help us reaffirm our top five values we incorporated them into our own personal charters. Here is one example:

“My values of integrity and respect are key to my contribution, success, and happiness at work.”

We learnt that when we are faced with challenges, we should take a moment to reflect on our personal charter. This will remind us of our motivations and help our decision-making.

These benefits are mirrored when we think about our shared company values.

The benefits of our company values for wellbeing at work

Our PRMA Consulting company values are the foundation of our internal relationships and the trusted partnerships that we maintain with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients around the world.

In new and challenging situations our company values help support existing and new colleagues by:

  • providing direction for their work and decision-making
  • encouraging the attitudes and behaviors that support high performance
  • strengthening shared attitudes and behaviors that underpin a positive and productive environment.

I believe in the importance of personal and company values for positive wellbeing, performance, and engagement. Taking a moment to define and instill core values is something that I advocate. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this or any aspect of our wellbeing at work initiatives.

Further reading:

  1. Claire Aristides, Mindology App (2020). Mental Wellbeing: Where to Start? [online] Accessed1 November 2020.

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