The importance of LGBTQ+ role models at work

In this update, colleagues from our LGBTQ+ employee network group share why they believe in being visible role models at work, and we offer three ideas for anyone wanting to explore what it means to be an LGBTQ+ role model in the workplace. 

The need for LGBTQ+ role models in the workplace  

In a recent US study, 75% of professionals who are LGBTQ+ say it is important that they work in an organization where they feel they can be comfortable bringing their whole selves to work.  

However, their lived experience is that 33% say they need to be hide some of their identity at work to avoid discrimination, while others report feeling exhausted from protecting their identity at work. Some people say that not being able to be open about their sexual orientation makes them feel both unhappy and disconnected from their work, and they feel isolated – which affects their relationships with colleagues and clients.  

In addition to standard policies of diversity, equity, and inclusion, one thing that organizations can do to help colleagues is focus on developing visible LGBTQ+ role models. Visible role models can help build bridges where there are barriers and misconceptions; they can inspire others to be open about themselves at work if they want to be; and they can encourage everyone to achieve great things.  

Recognizing some of our role models who are LGBTQ+   

PRMA Consulting is a member of Fishawack Health and our commitment to enabling a workplace where there is diversity, equity, and inclusion is supported by six employee network groups: LGBTQ+, Gender, Family, Race/Ethnicity, Enablement, and Mental Health.  

Here, some of the members of LGBTQ+ employee network group share their thoughts on the importance of being visible role models in our workplace: 

Stepping up to be a role model for LGBTQ+ inclusion at work  

If you want to explore more about what it means to be a LGBTQ+ role model or are looking for a way to share your experience within your workplace, here are three ideas:  

  • Join a professional community: Groups, such as OUTbio – the biotech industry’s largest LGBTQ+ professionals group – empower professionals who are LGBTQ+ with opportunities to network, mentor other professionals, and understand how to be a visible role model in the workplace.  
  • Share your story with colleagues: If you feel that you have the safe space to do so, you may want to share your personal experience with colleagues. You may like to research current LGBTQ+ viewpoints to widen your perspective and be an effective ally to others who identify differently to you.  

At Fishawack Health, our intranet includes blogs from colleagues who are comfortable sharing their lived experiences, as well as articles by colleagues about people who are LGBTQ+ who have helped to build the world we live in today.  

  • Sign up for a workshop: The “Stonewall LGBTQ+ Workplace Role Models” program provides the opportunity to explore what it means to be a role model and suggests practical ways that you can get started.     

Our ongoing commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion across our global teams  

We are building inclusive workplaces that are supportive, welcoming, and fair. We are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) that recognizes the value of each member of our international community. We pledge to:  

  • Understand the meaning, value, and impact of DE&I and its component parts across the business  
  • Enable colleagues to succeed and drive more impactful client work by equipping them with knowledge and tools  
  • Attract a diverse network of partners and teams across Fishawack Health.  

Recruiting, developing, and retaining engaged and motivated colleagues is essential for the success of our business. Read more about our development and growth initiatives and career opportunities.  

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