The lasting impact of the Inflation Reduction Act: a Q&A with Jon Koch, CEO, Fishawack Health

Jon Koch, CEO, Fishawack Health, shares his perspective on the implications of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) for manufacturers across the globe.

On 16 August 2022, President Biden signed the IRA into law, marking one of the most significant reformations of the US healthcare system since the Affordable Care Act. 

The policy is designed to make innovative medicines more affordable, driving greater access for patients. While this is positive for patients and manufacturers, the implications are far-reaching and the policy will have a direct impact on revenue for biopharmaceutical companies. For example, the IRA gives greater negotiating power to Medicare, calls for a redesign of Medicare Part D, and requires manufacturers to pay rebates if Medicare prices rise above inflation. 

In this update, Jon Koch provides his perspective on the policy, including: 

  • the impact for established pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology companies 
  • how the IRA could transform the way therapies are commercialized 
  • top recommendation for manufacturers. 

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