Transgender Visibility: the importance of workplace inclusivity and allyship

The international Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) and Transgender Awareness Week are annual, worldwide events that celebrate the lives and contributions of people who are transgender. The events importantly raise awareness of the discrimination faced by so many people all around the world and the work that needs to be done to improve equity, equality, and inclusivity.

The importance of recognizing event celebrating Transgender visibility in our workplaces

Amazing things are possible when diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) are woven into workplace culture, and Transgender awareness and visibility events are a special time to celebrate our colleagues. PRMA Consulting is a member of Fishawack Health, and together we are proud of the diversity of our colleagues who are empowered to bring their unique insights to our broad range of value, evidence, and access clients.


However, in many organizations, significant numbers of people who are transgender experience unconscious bias, discrimination, and harassment. Harvard Business Review has reported that 47% of workers who are transgender have experienced some discriminatory behavior at work. Many respondents said they did not feel confident disclosing their identity at work and felt they had to be constantly “on-guard” to the detriment of their mental health and their productivity. 


To learn more, our colleagues joined an online seminar with Dr Sophie Cook.1 In the UK it is estimated that 5% of the population are in some way on the transgender spectrum,” said Sophie, “and this figure is increasing year on year as societal changes make trans people feel safer expressing the different aspects of their identity. These people will be amongst your staff and your clients. All businesses must ensure that their staff are, and know how to be, a good ally to transgender people in the workplace, both as colleagues and as customers.” 

Transgender awareness and visibility events are an opportunity to start becoming a better ally in the workplace

There are many opportunities to come together to hear the experiences of pioneers like Sophie. Not only does this create a shared moment of understanding and celebration within organizations, but it also helps employees to reflect, challenge, and change their own thoughts and behaviors. 

Our organization is a member of myGwork, the award-winning business community for LGBTQ+ professionals and inclusive employers. Together, we encourage our colleagues to learn about some of the people and events that are increasing transgender visibility, and to become better allies, by sharing external resources such as:

If you use any of these resources or if your organization is recognizing TDoV in other ways, we’d love to hear about it – please get in touch. 

Further reading: 

  1. The How Sophie Cook’s conversations about her experiences are making a difference. 

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