Watch and vote in the 2019 Health Economics Innovation Series

We are proud to announce that the PRMA Navigator® digital application has been shortlisted for the 2019 Health Economics Innovation Webinar Series: big ideas accelerating change in health economic and outcomes research (HEOR), real-world evidence (RWE), market access (MA), and health technology.

The smarter digital market access solution for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients

The 2019 Health Economics Innovation Series is a 2 webinar program presenting 9 of the most digitally transformative companies that are driving innovation and change for the betterment of patients and health care. Hundreds of HEOR, MA, and RWE researchers, payers, and industry influencers are expected to attend the webinars and vote on their favorite innovator.

David Sykes, founding partner of PRMA Consulting, said:

“We are delighted that the PRMA Navigator® is a finalist in the Health Economics Innovations Series. The shortlist was selected by HEOR, RWE, and health technology experts from dozens of entries, and it provides further recognition that our strategic consultancy and transformative digital applications are delivering smarter market access solutions for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients.”

The PRMA Navigator® enables affiliates to improve the quality of multiple HTA submissions and shortens the time to market access

Our digital technology is helping leading pharmaceutical companies to improve the quality of their HTA submissions by giving affiliates more time to focus on impactful local strategies.

Using the PRMA Navigator® digital application, companies are producing high-quality draft submissions while auto-populating up to 80% of the draft content. This is giving them substantial time efficiencies and reducing expenditure on local vendors.

If you want to join them, a great start is to understand how digital technology can transform your market access processes. The free download below gives more information on how the PRMA Navigator® digital application can help you:

  • improve the quality of your HTA submissions
  • provide more effective support to your affiliates
  • save time and generate cost-efficiencies.

Illustrated with case studies, the Health Economics webinar explains how the digital application helps overcome challenges such as:

  • inconsistent use of global materials to populate multiple HTA submissions
  • understanding and meeting evolving payer requirements
  • supporting affiliates whose resources are stretched, and have limited time to focus on strategy and the impactful sections of the submission
  • reviewing and tracking the progress of multiple submissions across assets and indications.

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