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Wellbeing at PRMA Consulting

Written by Christina Lawrence

There is an increasing awareness within corporate organizations of the importance of our emotional fitness. In this update, Christina Lawrence explains how PRMA Consulting is encouraging colleagues to consider the role that inner calm and inner strength can play in developing a happier, more engaged, motivated, resilient, and productive team.

How did you evolve your role as Mental Health Lead at PRMA Consulting?

PRMA Consulting has always supported the health and performance of its staff. Our employee assistance programme provides instant support, and through mentoring and coaching we help colleagues with techniques for proactively protecting and caring for each other and themselves.

My role brings all these existing elements together and introduces the latest concepts, formalizing it all in a consistent and accessible way for colleagues.

How has PRMA Consulting embraced mental wellbeing?

PRMA Consulting is dedicated to reducing the stigma that is associated with mental health issues and normalizing conversations around mental health. I’m building awareness and understanding of what mental wellbeing is, and how, with robust physical and mental health, colleagues can increase innovation, enhance resilience, and improve interpersonal relations and communication.

An example of how we are doing this is our recent series of wellbeing workshops. These sessions enabled colleagues to learn about the simple things they can do every day to support themselves and each other. We shared practical tips and practiced techniques for confidence, inner calm, and driving personal development goals through positive visualization.

Are there any tips that you can share from the wellbeing workshops?

As a technique for developing inner strength, visualization was something that we all practised. Athletes use this as part of their training, visualizing every detail of their game; from getting ready at starting blocks, to crossing the finishing line, and then holding their gold medal in the air.

Taking time to write down what we want for ourselves, re-defining our self-image or behavior, and imagining positive scenes and outcomes, was incredibly illuminating. I can see how this can ultimately create more positive attitudes and behaviors and I look forward to supporting colleagues with this learning.

How are your colleagues responding to the focus on mental health at work?

I’m thrilled that so many colleagues were able to join the wellbeing workshops and felt comfortable to share their experiences and learnings to help others. The feedback was wonderful, with many of us able to recognize ways that we can build new, habitual ways of positively thinking about ourselves and what we want to achieve. 

What’s next for you in your role as Mental Health Lead at PRMA Consulting?

I am looking forward to co-delivering sessions that develop colleagues’ sense of self-awareness, particularly around effective communication and working styles. The foundation of these will be our Insights Discovery profiles as they are a great tool for helping individuals strengthen their self-understanding. This improved sense of who you are and how you behave can be a key to mental wellbeing and success for every individual.

I’m very excited to be part of this continued drive for emotional fitness and seeing the results with those I work with.

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