Why a career in market access is the right choice for me

There’s no doubt that a career in market access at PRMA Consulting, part of Fishawack Health, offers a stimulating and personally rewarding career path.

If you are wondering if a career in market access consultancy is the right choice for you, some of our team have shared their own reasons for pursuing a career in this field.

Reece Grindley,

If you choose a career in market access, every day will be different 

Market access is a rapidly changing industry, and every day is different; this variety gives me the opportunity to combine many of my interests, including healthcare, business development, and health economics, while enabling me to build on my scientific and regulatory knowledge. 

It is satisfying to think that my work helps improve patient access to new medicines

It is exciting to be intellectually challenged through the variety of projects that we work on at PRMA Consulting. I enjoy staying up to date with the latest research and feel a great deal of satisfaction when I see how my work contributes to supporting clients’ needs and helping patients gain access to new medicines.

Rita Conceição,

I get the chance to help bring life-changing treatments to market

I find that working in market access is so rewarding. I am helping to get the right treatment for the right patient at the right time, and ideally at the right price. When I am working on the details of an evidence generation plan, landscape assessment, or value proposition, it is very motivational to stop and think about my role in those terms.

A career in market access is personally rewarding

I work on projects for some of the top pharmaceutical companies globally, and these are varied, both in terms of therapy area and market. This gives me lots of opportunities to use my knowledge and experience, while also developing new skills.

The diversity of our market access teams makes this a great place to work

At PRMA Consulting we have a diverse and dynamic workforce and I am very proud of that. Working in project teams, I can see that each colleague has a unique contribution to bring, and recognizing our different perspectives and capabilities helps us deliver the best for our clients.


Brigitta Fora,
Senior Analyst

I enjoy the challenges of defining, creating, and communicating product value

I work within a team that focuses on data synthesis; we help develop deliverables for clients that include strategic market access insights and recommendations. I enjoy interpreting data from a variety of sources and communicating these effectively to different stakeholders.

There are lots of opportunities for career progression in market access

Market access landscapes are evolving rapidly, and to help us meet those challenges, our company offers opportunities to work with a diverse team with many different skill sets, and offers clear pathways for progression.

As an analyst, for example, there are opportunities to develop project management skills, including presenting subtasks of deliverables to colleagues, working alongside Project Leads to develop strategic insights and recommendations for clients, and reporting financial project update data accurately to aid business planning.

We are always looking for people who will deliver first-class work

A successful career within market access demands excellence, agility, and partnership; at PRMA Consulting, it can offer you the opportunity to develop as part of a diverse, dynamic, and inquisitive global team.

We are always looking for people who will deliver their best. To learn more, please visit our careers page.

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