WEConnect: Connecting Women’s Enterprises with Global Opportunities

Written by Sotiria Papanicolaou


PRMA Consulting is proud to be a member of WEConnect: Connecting Women’s Enterprises with Global Opportunities global network. This recognizes our commitment to diversity and inclusion and our membership with organizations that share that commitment.

WEConnect certifies women’s business enterprises based outside of the US that are at least 51% owned, as well as managed and controlled by one or more women. Sotiria Papanicolaou, one of the founding partners of PRMA Consulting, talks about what this means to her and women in the industry.

Q. What does the membership of the Women’s Business Enterprise mean for you?

I am proud to be a Partner in a firm that has a strong and dynamic workforce that doesn’t discriminate on gender. We have a balanced workforce with women at every level in the company. This isn’t something we set out to do, to us it’s just common sense to have a diverse mix of talent at every level to meet the diverse need of our clients.
As a Partner I am proud of everyone who works here; they are here on their own merits, achievements, and the value they add for our business and clients.

Q. What achievements are you most proud of?

Over the past few years we have seen how digital technology has been harnessed to improve health outcomes. Women are integral to the development and meaningful leadership of our suite of digital applications. From product visionaries to customer excellence managers they are driving digital transformation to enable faster patient access to therapies that improve health outcomes.

Q. What challenges are there for women in industry?

In some companies, people feel there is a glass ceiling and the number of women at management level decreases the higher up the ladder you move. In our company, there are more women in the Executive Leadership Team than men. Throughout our organization we support everyone to achieve a good work–life balance and fulfilling personal development. We just want the right person in the right role, doing the right thing for our business and our clients.

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