Demonstrating value using a new approach to economic modeling

CLIENT SITUATION Using the PRMA Healthcheck® late module, a top-20 pharmaceutical company quickly identified an opportunity to engage with HTA agencies and an expert technical panel in their exploration of potential approaches to cost-effectiveness modeling.

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Vulnerabilities in market access readiness were identified

  • The accepted approach to modeling maps two secondary endpoints to utilities via an established algorithm, and is treatment agnostic. The client intended to incorporate the potential benefits of the product into the model via a new mapping algorithm. This was likely to receive significant challenge, in particular by NICE and SMC.
  •  The model could not show credible cost-effectiveness versus relevant comparators in subpopulations.
  • Reimbursement was likely to be for a restricted population or late in the treatment pathway.

Recommended actions to mitigate vulnerabilities

  • Develop an early model to highlight the key value drivers and the need to collect additional data.
  • Hold an advisory board meeting to provide technical input and validate the economic model, including validating an alternative approach to mapping dependent on treatment.
  • Hold further country-specific advisory board meetings to validate the clinical assumptions made in the economic model.
  • Consult EUnetHTA on the acceptability of clinical endpoints.

Successful outcomes that had a meaningful impact on market access

  • Consultation with EUnetHTA is being sought to provided an opportunity to discuss the study design and approach to cost-effectiveness modeling.
  • An expert technical panel has been engaged to give insight into the potential approaches to cost-effectiveness modeling.

The PRMA Healthcheck® late module allowed us to capture a comprehensive analysis of the overall landscape beyond the scope of what we would typically undertake internally, in a convenient platform for dissemination. Director, Global HEOR, top-20 pharmaceutical company

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