Digital therapeutics: policy, access, value, and evidence

Digital therapeutics are quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing fields in healthcare. Innovation by regulators, policy-makers, and payers is needed to ensure that patients can access and benefit from these technologies. 

Successful market access is key to delivering individual patient benefits, potential healthcare system gains, and a meaningful integration of digital therapeutics into our healthcare infrastructure at a population level. 

Download this free report, which examines key aspects of policy, access, value, and evidence for digital therapeutics, including: 

What are the challenges for reimbursement? 

  • What are digital therapeutics and how are they commonly used? 
  • The importance of understanding how payers propose to attribute value for digital therapeutics 

Pathways for reimbursement across international markets 

  • Summarizing some of the key differences in reimbursement pathways 
  • Highlighting how some markets are leading the charge, defining and implementing clearer guidelines for the reimbursement of digital therapeutics 

Evidence supporting reimbursement of digital therapeutics 

  • What evidence is required to achieve optimal reimbursement and market access across markets where paths to reimbursement vary? 

US focus: The role of early FDA and payer engagement in access for digital therapeutics 

  • Linking regulation, evidence generation, and payer dynamics 
  • Looking to the future: the Total Product Lifecycle Program 

Asia-Pacific focus: value, evidence, and access 

  • How do reimbursement policies for digital therapeutics vary across the Asia-Pacific region?
  • Examining the need for collaboration between technology manufacturers, government, and key local health agencies 

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Digital therapeutics: policy, access, value, and evidence

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