How a leading pharma company gained significant market access insights prior to launch

Written by Anja Pownell

This ebook explores how a leading pharmaceutical company gained an in-depth understanding of the latest payer thinking across rapidly evolving global markets.

The PRMA Tracker® is a digital application that informs your payer and HTA strategy. It enables you to adapt to evolving payer expectations, resulting in higher-quality HTA submissions.

Success is driven by the insights that the application provides.

The insights are developed by our senior team within PRMA Consulting, and really take the competitor decisions to the next level by answering the “So what?” questions for our clients.

The case study shows a real-life example from a leading pharmaceutical company. It incorporated insight from the PRMA Tracker® as part of its launch of a new immunotherapy asset.

The PRMA Tracker®

  • reduced the risk of unforeseen HTA/P&R objections
  • allowed time to develop strategies to mitigate objections
  • saved time and costs by anticipating evidence needs early on
  • combined insights with discussions with the PRMA Consulting team, which supported focused evidence development activities
  • enhanced collaboration and efficiency by keeping everything in one place.

Following this success, our client asked us to continue the activity, and this PRMA Tracker® project has now been supporting our client for 5 years.


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