PM Society Digital Awards finalist announced: the PRMA Navigator®

In this market access update, Claire Chadwick and Bharath Rao share how it feels to be chosen as a finalist in the PM Society Digital Awards, and reveal what they think wowed the judges with their entry for the PRMA Navigator®.

Congratulations on being a finalist in the PM Society Digital Awards! For anyone who doesn’t know, can you explain what the achievement recognizes?

Bharath: The PM Society Digital Awards recognizes outstanding digital innovation and effectiveness from across the healthcare industry. It showcases the best user‑centric product solutions that are leading digital workflow-based activities in healthcare today.

It’s a reflection of how important the digital offering now is for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that this year has seen the highest number of entries to date, and I’m happy to say that the PRMA Navigator® has been chosen as a finalist.

How does it feel now that the PRMA Navigator® is a finalist?

Claire: We’re all really proud. Our expert team at PRMA Consulting has put so much work into the PRMA Navigator®. It helps semi-automate simultaneous HTA submissions, maximizes use of global materials, and allows our clients to focus on local strategy to improve their submissions. Every day, I see examples of how our experience and enthusiasm for pushing boundaries and developing cutting-edge solutions is supporting our clients; it’s fantastic to have that recognized by a wider pricing, reimbursement, and market access audience.

I’d recommend taking part in the PM Society Digital Awards. Presenting the client benefits of our digital application to such a large audience of industry experts is a very worthwhile experience. It puts what I do into perspective and has given me a valuable sense of the benefits that the PRMA Navigator® brings to our clients. It’s been a great experience.

What has being chosen as a finalist meant for PRMA Consulting as a whole?

Bharath: As Claire says, its rewarding to have recognition for our team. It’s an acknowledgment of the years of cross-functional teamwork, development, skill, and client collaboration that have been invested in delivering benefit for clients through the application. We are all tirelessly dedicated to bringing accessible innovation and rapid insight to the profession.

What sets PRMA Consulting apart is our unique ability to help clients navigate the complexities of digital transformation within a rapidly evolving market access context. Our clients get real benefit from our in-depth expertise in both areas.

What do you think stood out to the judges in your entry for the PRMA Navigator®?

Claire: Our presentation used actual case studies to explain how the PRMA Navigator® helps overcome common challenges experienced when creating HTA submissions, such as:

  • inconsistent use of global materials to populate multiple HTA submissions
  • understanding and meeting evolving payer requirements
  • supporting affiliates whose resources are stretched, and have limited time to focus on strategy and the impactful sections of the submission
  • reviewing and tracking the progress of multiple submissions across assets and indications.

You can see more on our website: The PRMA Navigator® : accelerate the time to patient access. 

PM Society Digital Awards

How have your client’s strategies benefited most from the PRMA Navigator®?

Bharath: There is a lot of positive feedback about the application’s ability to help pharmaceutical companies improve the quality of their HTA submissions by giving affiliates more time to focus on impactful local strategies.

Using the PRMA Navigator® digital application, our clients can start to finalize their submission from an auto-populated draft containing up to 80% of the final content. The substantial time efficiencies allow them to make the best use of local affiliate and local vendors’ time to improve the submission timelines and quality.

How will the PRMA Navigator® help manufacturers address rapidly evolving HTA submission processes in the future?

Claire: We support our clients by continually reviewing HTA templates, agency requirements, and guidelines, and incorporating these into the PRMA Navigator®. This means that clients can map data from global and local value communication documents to multiple HTAs. Currently, the PRMA Navigator® provides the most up‑to-date submission templates published by more than 20 international HTA/P&R agencies, from Australia to Europe and the US. We also work closely with clients to develop HTA templates for countries without publicly available or official templates or guidelines, and we are constantly adding new and updated templates.

As HTA submission processes develop, effective communication of global strategy and product value to affiliate teams becomes more and more crucial, and for some manufacturers that is a concern for the future, especially where local resource is stretched. Our research has found that up to 30% of global HTA template requirements may not be met by a standard global value dossier (GVD).

There is clearly an opportunity to better support affiliates by creating a higher‑quality GVD, and help them avoid the common omissions. This Whitepaper shows you how to write a GVD that avoids common omissions.

PM Society Digital Awards

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of entering the PM Society Digital Awards?

Bharath: Just focus on the challenges that your clients are facing. Ultimately, their needs are your needs, they should be at the heart of everything you do. As Claire said earlier, the PM Society Digital Awards are well worth taking part in. If anyone would like to have a conversation about our experience or our entry, please do get in touch.


About the PRMA Navigator®

The PRMA Navigator® is a digital application that helps you empower your affiliates to deliver high‑quality multiple HTA and other payer submissions by maximizing the use of global materials.


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