Precision medicine: positioning for market access success

Precision medicine is rapidly evolving, and manufacturers are considering more factors than ever before to achieve market access success.

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Discussion points: 

  • The rise of precision medicine 
  • How more fragmented clinical practice and increasing numbers of biomarkers is adding complexity to decision-making 
  • The shift towards a histology-independent practice 
  • Evidence generation challenges at HTA for histology-independent therapies 
  • Basket trials: the changes to HTA methods 
  • Variations in approaches to assessing comparative benefit 
  • Considerations for future-proofing the positioning of biomarker driven therapies 
  • A new paradigm for trial design in precision medicine 

Case studies: 

  • Tumor agnostic: Larotrectinib 
  • Tumor-specific indications prior to tumor agnostic: Pembrolizumab 


  • Facilitating robust evidence generation for market access and reimbursement of histology – independent therapies 
  • Establish how comparative effectiveness can be established from the earliest stages of development 


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Precision medicine: positioning for market access success

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