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We have worked on some of the most challenging projects in market access over the past 10 years, and have developed an extensive portfolio of services

Strategic market access

We excel in understanding the interdependency between pricing, reimbursement, and HTA. We understand your business challenges and provide partnership to enable informed market access trade-offs and strategy. We work with you to generate payer-relevant evidence and to communicate the value proposition of your product in payer-accessible language.

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Landscape assessments

We assess the current and potential future treatment, pricing, and reimbursement landscape in a target therapy area, identifying challenges and opportunities for new entrants in terms of pricing and access strategies and evidence requirements. We deliver high-value insights to help you understand how key stakeholders are likely to perceive your drug, find the best approaches to maximize your drug’s value, identify likely challenges, mitigate any risks, and anticipate the likely P&R outcomes in each scope market.

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Payer and KOL engagement

We have developed and maintain strong working relationships with more than 500 payers and KOLs, and have organized, moderated, and facilitated more than 55 payer advisory boards, Delphi panels, and clinical expert panels in the past 3 years. Our advisors are highly insightful and we provide experienced moderators to ensure outcomes are solution-oriented.

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Value propositions

We develop and test robust, evidence-based value propositions and messages, using methods we have developed based on payer requirements and in-depth understanding of the therapy area and unmet need. We critically review the current and emerging competitive landscape, and assess trial designs and target product profiles to gauge the evidence available to support value messages, which we test with payers and KOLs to determine their impact and robustness. We use the information on how the messages influence the perceived value of your product to optimize the value story.

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Our GVDs are evidence-based and focused on your product’s key value messages. The evidence is mapped to HTA requirements in major markets and supported by payer objection handlers and roll-out materials, including strategic insights to help guide affiliates. The GVDs are easily navigable by affiliate teams to support internal and external communications.

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Evidence generation

We offer a wide variety of evidence generation projects to support your product; the following are just a few examples: eligible patient population studies, ITC/NMA feasibility assessments, evidence reviews, patient preference and utility studies, and conceptualization of economic models, which are all designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding payers. We employ our network of expert advisors to ensure adaptations are appropriate to each market, and conduct primary research where necessary to generate and validate supporting evidence.

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Real-world evidence

We conduct quantitative research to harness the power of clinician and payer experience to delve deeper into clinical decision-making, barriers to access, factors driving treatment selection, quantification and description of disease burden and resource use in clinical practice, all designed to inform and support multiple elements of the market access strategy.

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Pricing strategy

We can help you develop pricing strategies that reflect the true value of your asset. Our insight helps you understand and quantify investment trade-offs related to trial design, the reimbursable population, evidence generation, and potential pricing opportunities.

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