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prma healthcheck™

Planning ahead for market access is critical to achieving commercial success when developing innovative products for payer-driven markets. Market access and HEOR teams need to understand and anticipate the requirements of multiple HTA agencies and payers, identify strengths and vulnerabilities in evidence generation plans and their implications, and clearly communicate this to internal stakeholders.

Market access and HEOR teams face challenges:

  • Managing the complexity of diverse and changing requirements across many different countries
  • Identifying the key payer requirements that will drive P&R decisions for a specific product and indication
  • Aligning on priorities for new evidence generation activities across countries
  • Communicating clearly and consistently the key market access risks to internal stakeholders
  • Delivering a true portfolio approach that supports the optimal allocation of resources across multiple assets.

How does the prma healthcheck™ help?

The prma healthcheck™ provides a robust and consistent framework for assessing the market access readiness of your product. The exact requirements of payers in each market have been captured and categorized into domains and subdomains. Your product’s current evidence generation plans are then rated against these requirements, providing a comprehensive assessment of market access risk, including insights on key vulnerabilities and recommended strategies to strengthen your market access proposition.

The prma healthcheck™ is delivered via a user-friendly, interactive platform, which includes:

  • A heatmap, which summarizes reimbursement risk by country and domain within a single dashboard that can be compared across assets
  • Identification of key vulnerabilities
  • Recommended strategies at a domain-level, with the option to drill-down to individual recommendations
  • A recommended evidence generation plan, with priorities, timings, and costs

The prma healthcheck™ has been designed so that ratings, recommendations and evidence generation plans can be updated over time , with the history of changes and decisions tracked to provide an institutional memory of the development of an assessment. It has the flexibility to be customized to your product’s scope markets and will feed directly into your value message development process.


How would a prma healthcheck™ be conducted for my product/portfolio?

PRMA Consulting offers a range of collaboration models, to match the process of a prma healthcheck™ assessment to the needs and resources of your organization.

The assessment process can be conducted by our consultants with information provided by your team so that each prma healthcheck™ is developed and populated according to your requirements. Evidence ratings are determined with our senior leadership team. Internal validation of ratings with affiliates or additional external validation with payers in each country can also be conducted. Once complete, the prma healthcheck™ can be updated by your team, or by PRMA Consulting, as required.

Alternatively, your team can populate the platform and conduct ratings internally, following initial training on the assessment process from our consultants.

The prma healthcheck™ platform is routinely updated, in line with changing HTA evidence requirements, and we provide ongoing training to support your use of your prma healthcheck™.

When should I use the prma healthcheck™?

The prma healthcheck™ can be configured for early-stage assessments at the domain level, targeted at providing input to go/no-go decisions and the development of initial payer evidence generation plans. Late-stage assessments include more in-depth analysis at the subdomain or individual requirement level and are typically conducted to validate an existing evidence generation plan and/or highlight HTA readiness and risks.

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