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Accelerate the generation of simultaneous, high-quality HTA submissions

The PRMA Navigator® is a digital application that improves the quality of multiple Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions and shortens the time to market access.

The semi-automated, standardized process is based on current HTA submission templates. It is supported by our expert, international consultancy team who have real-world experience of the global and affiliate perspective.

Improve submissions through a consistent framework, secure global knowledge transfer, and shared learnings
Save time and cost with agile management of concurrent HTA submission preparations
Increase productivity with an aligned approach and pull-through of global HTA strategy

Improving quality

  • Improve HTA submissions through a consistent framework based on current payer needs

  • Gain time to focus on the sections of the submission that add most value

  • Encourage global knowledge transfer

  • Maximize the use of global, regional, and local supporting materials

  • Drive continuous improvement and more targeted affiliate-focused global deliverables

Driving efficiency

  • Shorten your time to market with auto-population that delivers up to 80% of a draft submission

  • Produce a draft auto-populated submission in as little as 2 weeks

  • Easily manage concurrent HTA submissions

  • Quickly understand and communicate complex evidence and value stories

Enhancing collaboration

  • Enhance global visibility of the development of the draft HTA submission

  • Improve sharing of updates, learnings, and feedback between global, regional, and local

  • Embed the global HTA strategy in draft submissions


Digital technology is transforming pharmaceutical market access.

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This top-5 global pharma company improved the quality and development timelines of simultaneous Health Technology Assessment submissions using the PRMA Navigator®

They achieved:

up to 80% auto-population of the first draft HTA submission

up to 50% internal resource saving

up to 50% external resource saving.

Using the PRMA Navigator® means that affiliates can focus more on the strategy and improving the submission, rather than commencing work by reading the material.
Director, top-10 pharamaceutical company

The HTA submission that we produced using the PRMA Navigator® saved us weeks. The robust content provided a high quality first draft. We will happily use the PRMA Navigator® for our next three submissions.
Country Market Access Manager, top-10 pharmaceutical company

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