Alison Lawrence


Alison began her career as an NHS clinical pharmacist with a special interest in oncology.

Market access has been her focus since 2001, working from early pipeline through to generic intrusion strategy. Her experience spans general and specialized medicine, with a particular interest in oncology remaining. Alison also has significant experience in working with CROs and clinical investigators in developing, approving, and rolling out global clinical studies.

After an early focus on UK market access, she has worked in regional and global market access in recent years. Alison is an experienced Chair and facilitator and is experienced in performing 1:1 and multi-disciplinary research with payers and clinical KOLs. Alison is also an experienced project lead and advisor and holds an honours degree in Pharmacy (London) and an MSc in Clinical Pharmacy (Brighton).

Outside of work, Alison combines her dislike of sport with her love of a good box set by spinning in front of the TV on her bike. She is also a girl guide leader and liable to burst into song at any given moment. Alison has a Blue Peter badge and is disappointed that she can’t put this on her CV.