Dr Roslyn Weaver

Associate Director

Roslyn has more than 6 years’ consultancy experience and over 10 years’ experience in health-related research in academia.

At PRMA Consulting, her work includes GVDs and other value communication projects such as objection handlers, value proposition development, and value message testing. Other experience includes evidence reviews, landscape assessments, primary research with KOLs and payers, and manuscripts, as well as project reports.

Roslyn’s experience spans a wide range of therapy areas, including oncology, bone, dermatology, inflammation, mental health, neurology, and respiratory diseases.

Roslyn has a PhD in literature and a postdoctoral fellowship in medical humanities, and has published her research in around 50 academic journal articles, book chapters, and books.

In her spare time, Roslyn loves all things creative and literary – writing, photography, baking, piano, interior design, reading – as well as enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, whether gardening, hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, or running.