Petroc Gill

Senior Developer

Petroc is a Senior Developer in the PRMA Consulting digital applications team, focusing on new projects, implementing enhancements, and providing support for the existing software suite.

He has two decades of diverse industry experience, including local government, education, oil & gas, and retail. He is passionate about modern web applications and offers leadership, mentoring, and hands-on expertise.

Petroc is proficient in a range of web technologies, databases, and cloud solutions, and brings a wealth of experience working with cross-functional teams, honing the communication skills required to effectively achieve business objectives.

He is fascinated by the potential of generative AI, and actively probes their real-world applications, maintaining a balanced perspective on the inherent challenges.

Outside of work, Petroc enjoys traveling, attending tech meetups, and dabbling in projects like building retro gaming devices. He also speaks fluent Welsh.