Xirong Song


Xirong has worked on a range of projects at PRMA Consulting, focusing on oncology and hematology indications as well as on rare diseases.

She has extensive experience in project managing PRMA Tracker® and    PRMA Healthcheck® projects, and has been involved in a number of global projects with EU countries and Asia-Pacific countries.

Xirong holds an MSc in Health Economics from the London School of Economics, where she also gained internship experience with an international pharmaceutical company.

Outside of work, Xirong loves art and music. You can find her in galleries every other weekend, and she enjoys drawing and painting in her own time. She spent 444 hours on a music app last year, and went to many festivals and gigs. Her favorite sport is tennis, which she started playing when she was                 6 years old. She also surfs if she can find some waves.