Rare diseases

Rare diseases: evaluating commercial and market access risks and opportunities

The rise of innovative technologies offers the opportunity for relief, or even cure, for some severe rare and ultra-rare diseases, such as metabolic disorders.


As payers move to formalize the assessment of these technologies, it is important to understand their evolving evidentiary and budgetary requirements.


We are familiar with the challenges manufacturers face in considering how supportive evidence and pricing structures can ensure commercial patient access.


Accelerate market access and competitive advantage for your rare disease asset


PRMA Consulting can provide you with cutting-edge pricing and reimbursement solutions. Our creative recommendations, strategic insights, and in-depth research are clearly written and presented, delivered on time and on budget.


We can work with you:

  • at an early stage in the development of your product to help you establish your pricing, reimbursement, and market access strategy
  • through the whole process, guiding you through evidence generation, evidence synthesis and communication
  • on one-off problems.

We look forward to helping you with your market access challenges.

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