Market access webinar

Future proofing for the 2020s market access trends

This on-demand webinar discusses the emerging trends in marketing access and anticipates how successful pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers will prepare for competitively advantageous product launches in the early 2020s. 

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Sharing new insight from developing trends, particularly in oncology, David Sykes, Founding Partner at PRMA Consulting, and members of the senior team, consider the interplay and impact of critical factors for a favorable product launch in an uncertain landscape. The practical implications for evidence generation are examined, and actionable insights provided. 

Discussion points:

  • Evolution of regulatory and health technology assessment (HTA) approaches, and flexibility within traditional payer archetypes
  • Emergence of new stakeholders
  • Changing definitions of disease
  • Increased engagement with patients and impact of patient voice
  • New approaches to demonstrating value
  • Strategic decision-making in a rapidly changing environment


Duration: 45 minutes. Available to watch on demand.

Ideal viewing: This on-demand webinar is essential viewing for all global, regional, and affiliate market access and HEOR teams involved in the development of product launches. Please share this with your colleagues.

Broadcast: 2019

Future proofing for the 2020s market access trends