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How to build an optimized GVD to populate local HTA/payer templates

This free, 10 minute webinar discusses common omissions to avoid and provides recommendations for optimizing GVD development to populate local HTA/payer templates, leveraging the experience and digital solutions of PRMA Consulting.

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Within the HTA process, effective communication of global strategy and product value to affiliate teams is crucial.

Affiliate time is precious. Non-optimized global evidence packages can result in wasted time and resources, and ultimately a delay in return on investment and patient access. 

Learning aims

Claire Chadwick (Associate Director) and Jonathan Hailwood (Senior Analyst) will discuss:

  • business risks of developing a GVD that is not fit-for-purpose 
  • common omissions in GVDs 
  • how to optimize the structure and content of your GVD to support the efficient development of high-quality local HTA submissions 
  • the benefits of the unique auto-population technology of the PRMA Navigator® to localize GVD content to HTA submissions.




Dr Claire Chadwick 

Claire leads the delivery of PRMA Navigator® projects. She has more than 10 years’ experience in market access, with a particular interest in defining evidence generation strategies and developing value demonstration materials, including payer marketing materials, product value dossiers, HTA submissions, and HEOR publications. Claire has provided strategic and editorial support across a number of therapeutic areas, including oncology, arthropathies, infection, diabetes, and neuroscience. She holds an PhD in Cancer Studies from the University of Manchester. 

Dr Jonathan Hailwood

Jonathan is a content manager for the PRMA Navigator®, responsible for adapting submission templates from major HTA agencies for use with the PRMA Navigator®, as well as mapping content from supporting evidence to these templates to generate auto-populated draft HTA submissions. In addition to the PRMA Navigator®, his project experience includes working on GVDs, secondary research, and situation analyses. Jonathan is the author of several publications in leading neuroscience and behavioral pharmacology journals. He has a PhD in behavioral pharmacology from the University of Cambridge. 

Duration: 10 minutes.

Ideal viewing:

Ideal viewing: this 10 minute update is essential viewing for all those in global and regional market access and HEOR roles interesting in providing better support for country teams by optimizing value dossier development to meet local payer needs.  

Broadcast: 2021

How to build an optimized GVD to populate local HTA/payer templates