Market access webinar

Managed entry agreements: lessons from EU5

This on-demand webinar reviews the learnings on managed entry agreements in the EU5 and case studies of innovative approaches.

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There is focus on the experiences and insights from different approaches to managed entry agreements at national, regional, and local level. Watch on demand as Samara Ferguson, Director at PRMA Consulting, reviews the practical implications for manufacturers, payers, and healthcare systems and considers effective design of managed entry agreements.

Discussion points:

  • Review of the different approaches to managed entry agreements that have been used in EU5 countries, and how successful these have been from the perspectives of payers and the healthcare system. 
  • Discussion of the potential challenges for manufacturers and payers in meeting the needs of both parties, with a view to overcoming barriers to acceptance and successful implementation. 
  • Recommendations of key considerations for manufacturers when designing effective managed entry agreements that communicate feasibility and value to payers. 


Duration: 45 minutes. Available to watch on demand.

Ideal viewing: This on-demand webinar is essential viewing for all global, regional, and affiliate market access and HEOR teams involved in the development of managed entry agreements. Please share this with your colleagues.

Broadcast: 2018

Managed entry agreements lessons from EU5