Market access webinar

Market access considerations for CAR-Ts: insights from ASH

This on-demand webinar reviews key learnings from the 2017 ASH annual meeting.

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At the meeting, a wealth of new data on some of the most promising cell and gene therapies in development for oncology and other indications was presented. CAR-Ts in particular were seen to be advancing rapidly, with well over 100 products in development.

This webinar considers which countries are leading the way in financing cell and gene therapies, and how their approaches can be adopted elsewhere, as well as the implications for the clinical pipeline as the growing number of reimbursed cell and gene therapies strains national budgets.

Discussion points:

  • Learnings from ASH
  • US experience with CAR-T reimbursement
  • Implications for the market access of cell and gene therapies.


Duration: 45 minutes. Available to watch on demand.

Ideal viewing: Global, regional, and affiliate market access and HEOR teams involved in pricing strategy and pricing and reimbursement decisions can benefit from watching this on-demand webinar. Please share this with your colleagues.

Broadcast: 2017

Market access considerations for CAR-Ts: insights from ASH